Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Modeling for a shorter model

Modeling for a shorter model is more about her personality portrayed on the camera and in print, than any of those statisitic things. Modeling is about what you make out of it, how hard to you market and try. Showing off a photo on Myspace or the internet is not modeling. Modeling happens when you get a compcard, mail it to many,many agencies, and keep trying and show that you can model, that you do have something to offer the industry/ The industry (modeling industry) should really be called the Advertising and editorial industry, because modeling is more about being able to tell a story, sell a product, and represent the image of a brand with your look than being perfect.

Let's be realistic though, a girl does have to work really hard to model, get an agency, and built a portfolio. Modeling a business. Being a model really is about not looking for that short-cut, but really working hard.

It is all up to you, how you market yourself, if you try and if you do not give up,-Simply mailing your photos to print modeling agencies is a huge part, trying is a huge, huge part of any success or capturing opportunities. :)


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