Sunday, May 3, 2009

I do not believe in Beauty Pageants-modeling tips

Here is why I do not believe in beauty pageants, or modeling contests or schools. This might have been a thing of the past but these days winning a contest will not mean you will then book a ton of modeling work. Winning a contest also can actually prevent you from getting a modeling agency.

Most of the time Pageants leave a girl in a very niche circle and modeling agencies do not typically pick up beauty pageant girls. Not for print modeling, which is what shorter girls can do. Mainly because the "illusion of being perfection thing" that showcases a person for not who she really is, but who she is with all this cakey makeup covering who she is. I did go to Miss America this year n Vegas to watch, but I am NOT a person to promote beauty pageants, I think they are really rude and give a bad persona to girls of what beauty is, and I just hate it. I also do not think winning a contest will mean you will get a modeling agency or work, and it can sometimes limit you actually because it puts you in a certain category that doesn't have enough to do with using your personality to model, modeling products and knowing how to just would show you know how to be pretty...but in modeling that is not enough.

If you look at ads for products from jewelry, to cell phones, to tampons, you will see the models are all different but they do not have a "beauty pageant look."

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