Monday, May 4, 2009

How did you start modeling- modeling roots

A girl recently asked me how did you start modeling, where did you go.

When it comes to how I started and where I went... I didn't go anywhere.. I mean it helped that I was a student in college in NYC and that allowed for a certain amount of freedom,time, and no bills at the time living in a dorm room, so I could make a compcard with the money I was suppose to use for food and mail, mail, mail them to agencies.

I did a lot of research of print modeling agencies, first mailed all the wrong ones, Fashion, then I learned I needed to focus on where I could get print modeling, commercial print. So over time I got a better comp card that was targeted for commercial print and worked hard to perfect my photos and tried really hard to work with professional photographers and tried to get a good headshot, beauty shots, smile shots, etc. This is how I got my first tear sheet in Women's World Magazine,-a photographer I approached shot for that magazine and thought of me for a makeover editorial on hair and beauty and I shot it and got my first tear sheet. Getting this tear-sheet in a magazine helped me pitch agencies because I had some experience and could prove it with the tear- sheet.

It took years to now work with the great brands I do today, and it took nothing but my self. My energy, time, research, and trying.

There is no where to go, except being near a larger city can help because where there are brands, business, magazines, newspapers, ad agencies, networks, production companies, etc. there will be a need for models and actors. However sometimes in smaller cities, locally you can find opportunities if you are ambitious because there is less likely to be many girls who know how to market themselves and who want to model seriously.

I have also always been realistic. I am petite, so when I was first starting out I got over fashion fast, I stuck to what I could do. Print modeling, parts modeling, tv, commercial work and targeted my photos in the style that these types of agencies, agents and people like to see.

I have mailed photo editors and really gone far and beyond what many girls have because I want this, I know I might have had to make it happen, I was not afraid of being told No, or no thanks a million times..because in life…no matter the pursuit, if you want something if a realistic and ambitious approach you can find opportunity.


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