Saturday, May 30, 2009

Height isn't everything in modeling

So your short and you want to model, but what if you are tall? Too tall? Modeling no matter your height is a challenge, it is a competitive business and it involves on the model's part knowing herself, and what she is good for within the modeling business and how well she markets her self. The way she markets herself, the images she presents, the amount of promotion she does for her self can really make the difference.

In today's world it is less about being discovered and more about finding out "what is interesting" and "sellable" about you as a model.

For the small percent of girls who work with fashion agencies and get contracts and are jetset to fashion week, they might have to think much about the marketing side.
They are discovered by a photographer, a friend who knows someone in the industry, they do a photo submission to the agency, they go to an open call.

Yet for a shorter model the open call does not come into play. Print modeling agencies just do not have these. You have to mail them directly. In the mail, with a stmap.

No matter if you are tall, modeling is still a tough world. The modeling business is really the advertising business and a marketing business. Brands wanting a certain look, and being what that brand is looking for. So the question of "Do you fit the image of this brand, product, magazine editorial" comes into play often.

Having well produced photos, and a good looking compcard that represents the type of modeling you can do is a smart way to start marketing yourself and the more promotion and work you put in, (in the right ways) the better!


Lisa said...

That's true, even though being tall helps in modeling sometimes. And also, weight and body type don't matter as well, not unless you're a male model.

For example, a female model with an athletic build, will pretty much want to submit her photos to a lifestyle or health and fitness magazine such as Shape, Oprah, or Women's Health Magazine because most female models with athletic body types are well suited for clients who deal with the lifestyle, health, and fitness fields, not the fashion fields, like Vogue, which are often designated for models who are thin and delicate-looking.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment Lisa! :)