Friday, May 1, 2009

Create smart Modeling Photos-not mistakes

A lot of girls wonder what type of photos they need to market themselves as a model to agencies and also which photographers are legit or a waste of amateur time.

Here are my thoughts:

Mainly what you need or strive to find a photographer who understands commercial prints and what print modeling agencies want to see...because as a shorter girl that is your way into modeling...there is no other way. Glamour modeling is unrealistic, and is not modeling most of the time...just showing off your body doesn't mean you will model for brands or magazines or with good agencies...and being too posed is not what an agency wants to see...they want to see you..your personality.. If you understand what YOU need for photography it is easier to find a photographer. I would not do it on model-sites...there is ALOT of crap out there.. you would have a better chance having your mom take some photos of you with her digital of you smiling and being real than work with some guy who does not know what models really need to get ahead...

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