Saturday, May 9, 2009

Can you Model a product?

Modeling is about how well you can market yourself. Modeling is also about modeling something, a product. You might wonder if being pretty is enough? Heck no!

Modeling for a shorter girl striving to be a print model is not about being the most beautiful.

It is not about being a certain height. Height isn’t as important as how photogenic you are and if you can actually model. If you know how to model products naturally. Commercial print models model commercial products. Commercial products are every day lifestyle products people use. Think of everything from a pen at Staples, to skincare, to tampons, to cleaning products, furniture, computers & technology, dog food, baby products, glasses, travel ads, shoe ads, jewelry, etc. Items, products that are not so fashion forward but every-day products.

If you can accept that you are short, that you will most likely not be a fashion model and that you will have to work really hard just to call yourself a model and work as one then you should try. Otherwise it is not a business for you. Modeling is truly work, and it is about marketing and knowing yourself and look. The days of someone handing you a modeling career and being discovered are over. Or they never did exist for a short girl.

Print modeling is where a shorter girl can find opportunities but agencies will typically say they want a girl that is 5’7” even in print. And it makes sense. A client, brand, product manager is not going to ask the agency to send them all the short girls for the casting. So the agency is just pleasing the client.

Typically in your mind a girl that is short is not proportioned. Which is why there are height requirements. But the idea for a shorter model is to make her assets stand out beyond her height. Focus on what you do have. Goodskin, energy, personality, and that you can actually model something.

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