Saturday, May 30, 2009

Being petite rocks because

Small hands are perfect for hand modeling

Small feet are great for shoe modeling

Small proportions photograph very well.

Commercial print modeling welcomes all heights, sizes, shapes and ethnicities.

You can always wear heels and appear taller- And: If you are proportioned you will always look longer and leaner in photos with some heels.

I wouldn't mind being a few inches taller, but I have become comfortable with being my petite self.

Hints to look taller:
Super Long hair can make a shorter girl appear shorter
Focus on your posture, stand taller and you will look taller
Platform shoes totally help make the legs look longer
Pencil skirts look very good on petite's.

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Lisa said...

Not to mention, guys, especially those who live in small, ultra-conservative communities, prefer petite, rather than tall girls instead because they believe that they are more submissive to them and that they are less intimidating.