Thursday, May 21, 2009

Being discovered as a over

What are the chances of a model to be discovered?

I think being discovered is over. I do not think models are discovered much anymore and for a print model is all about discovering yourself and actually taking it upon yourself to be who you want to be. If who you want to be has to do with working as a model then you do have to be prepared to WORK hard, and know how to best market yourself. The most common question I get is about photos, and usually girls have the wrong photos, they market themselves the wrong ways. They do not know what agencies to mail their photos to, they work with the wrong photographers, they do not take themselves or modeling seriously and they think that someone will just notice them on a website or something and THAT is not modeling. A girl has to be prepared to mail, by postal mail her photos to print modeling agencies with photos that show her personality and great energy, smile, and that she can model a product because modeling agencies get clients calling not just asking for a pretty girl but for a girl who actually KNOWS how to model something naturally.

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