Monday, April 27, 2009

What is promotional modeling? Answer

A girl on Facebook recently told me she didn't know what a compcard was but she said she wanted to do promotional modeling. Here are my thoughts on promotional modeling.

Promotional modeling is not guaranteed to lead you to print work or more opportunities as a model. Promotional modeling is working with a brand at an event, tradeshow or nation-tour where you hand out free promotional items bearing the brands name to promote it, the product or service. It can pay well $20 an hour or more sometimes, but if a girl wants to do print modeling she should pursue that in a different way.

Honestly a promotional model many times will find herself just handing out free stuff. However, sometimes it can mean going to some fun events, but over all you are a girl handing out promotional items. Promotional modeling does't lead to print work usually but it can pay well and it can be good for someone who is interested in being a spokemodel for a brand, hosting, and interacting with products.

You could do promotional modeling as a summer job or for fun or for the experience, but the job is more about physically marketing a product by handing out samples in the street with a street team or going to a fair or event and wearing a tee-shirt with the brands logo on it and being a brand ambassador for the day or week, -however long the promotion goes on.

This does not mean you will be in their ad campaign, but for a new model it could be a fun way to get experience working around a professional environment and atmosphere with a legit and professional brand.

Payment can take up to 30-60 days. ( which is typically and for a print modeling job it is basically the same, modeling is not a stable income because it can take weeks, or months to sometimes get paid. The agency has to be paid by the client, the client usually gets 30 days to pay and then the agency most likely puts the money in their bank and lets it sit for a couple more weeks to get some interest and then you are cut your check. Just being honest here.)

Being a model involves something different. You will need a compcard, which is a standard marketing tool for models,- it is a stock card that showcases your look and shows an agent or future modeling job prospect that you can model.

Also I suggest stopping commercial print or talent agencies websites to view what type of photos their models have. You want to create photos that are targeted towards the print modeling world, so this involves personality, friendly looks, and photos that look like ads- you could be modeling jewelry, a handbag, shoes, but showing your personality is important. Different than fashion, commercial print involves a model using her personality,…fashion tends to be more serious type looks.

Some agencies are FFT Models, CESD, Flaunt Models,and many other print agencies and talent agencies are in NYC.

At Barnes and Noble you can pick up a booklet called The Call Sheet or The Ross Reports and inside is a list of addresses and names of casting directors and modeling agencies and talent agencies ( about ten bucks.) Then when you have a compcard or headshot you mail, mail, 30 or 40 of them out.
Models also have headshots for work on TV and commercials. You will need to be active in marketing, mailing by postal mail your photos, compcard, headshots to commercial print modeling agencies. Mailing and being active is a huge part of getting modeling oportunities with agencies these days. A shorter girl can find modeling opportunities but she needs to show her smile, not fashion-type photos, she should show her personality within the photos and mail them to agencies.

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Sssk said...

great answer and information about promotional modeling. covers most of the topic about type work and earning. great........

Anonymous said...

This is excellent information. The majority of promotional models that work trade shows, or expos are asked to hand out promotional materials, gather customer contact information, and provide basic product knowledge to potential buyers. The attire for a promo model usually reflects that of the sales staff working the booth. If the sales staff is dressed in a business professional manor, you will most likely be asked to do the same. If you work some events like car shows, bike shows, or boat shows you may be asked to work more in a modeling role. Lots of times companies at these events are not looking for booth babes to hand out promotional materials, but models with photo experience to model with the cars, bikes and boats.