Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Print Male Modeling tips

A recent college graduate asked me recently about male modeling. He is too short for fashion modeling but was curious about print. Here was my reply:

Modeling comes down to you believe in you. Modeling is a business of No's. Print modeling, commercial print modeling is best for a model who is not of fashion height, male or female. Nicholas I suggest getting a nice smile shot of yourself, and look in magazines like even Cosmo, GQ, Details, - modeling is not just fitness and fashion for a male. Look at editorials in magazines, and remember models are used for many types of magazines these days from travel magazines, to Watch Magazines, to Golf, etc!

So think broad. Target yourself to agencies with the right photos that show your personality, friendly appeal.

Male models are not all fashion models, men of all ages can find print modeling work, similar to a female modeling is not just for the young or perfect, modeling is about modeling products and many products out there need men to model them. Shaving, furniture, computer brands, jeans, car commercials, the list is forever long.

The best thing to do is to get photos that let your diversity shine. Wear a suit, and also jeans. And you do not have to take off your shirt.

Just like a shorter female, submit to print and lifestyle modeling agencies.

Modeling is how you market yourself.

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