Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Photography tips for petite's

Yup, I'm under 5'4" but I can look a lot taller in photos.

Looking in the mirror can help you learn how to pose your body to look longer.

Looking proportioned is the plan and the key to looking longer in photos.

Looking up at the camera will make you appear smaller so for a a portrait or headshot I tilt my head slighting up. Chin up but relaxed. Your eyes should always look relaxed in a headshot, confident. Imagine yourself saying “I’m a confident person,” and say it with your eyes.

Don’t be afraid to direct the photographer just a little bit too. Know your body and know how to position yourself. And if the shots are making you look heavy then angle your body, straight on can sometimes make a girl look larger than she is. Remember to separate your arms, armpit area a little to look thinner in the photo and not chubby. Seperating your arms from your body and creating space between your body and your arms can create length. (see images above)

A professional photographer will know how to shoot a shorter person to make them look more proportioned. Only work with a professional who knows the craft of photography.

Suggest the photographer shoot you from a lower perspective. You stand up but the photographer crouches down or sits in a chair, or even lies down. Make em work!

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