Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo shoot tips:Studio shoots vs.Outside shoots

A girl recently asked me if she should do her photo shoot for her compcard outside or in a studio, this was part of my reply:

I personally love natural lighting. I like shoot outside more than in a studio.

In a studio I can feel cramped and when I shoot I like to have the freedom to run around. However I do like shooting in big spaces and honesty to really depends on the shots you are trying to produce. Sometimes sitting on a couch or chair in a studio can make a beautiful shot. Standing against a brick wall or in a interesting hallway or stairway can be fun for a close up, beauty shot, or full body shot.

I think studio can be good if the photographer is very skilled with lighting however. I feel more freedom to move around and be myself outside but if the shot is a headshot, beauty shot or portrait sometimes inside can be bette if the shot involves being still or holding a pose for a long time.

I'd rather shoot at a resturant, or the lobby of a building, or on a porch than in a studio for a commercial shot. I like to create a shot that shows me doing something, in a real place, because that appeals to the look you want to create a commercial print model.

I think outside is perfect right now and the time of year. With a slight natural wind blowing in your hair the shot can look happy, upbeat and positive when you add a smile to it.

I think it is pretty when a model is walking down the street holding a whandbag, walking a down, being confident and the outside atmosphere can make the photo look more attractive than just smiling in a studio against a black backdrop. However I have enclosed a few samples to show you the difference of looks between shots I have taken inside in a studio and shots that I have taken outside, both show personality but as you can see both shots are different.

I would try to do a little of both when shooting for your compcard. For diversity.

Sometimes inexperienced models feel nervous during shooting headshots and they have a hard time relaxing their face and sometimes being in a studio can make a person feel stiff or nervous so sometimes shooting something outside full body and then cropping the shot into a headshot can work well too. So remember when shooting you can later crop the images and you never know a full body shot might turn into a headshot when you crop it.

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