Friday, April 10, 2009

Nose rings and modeling

This is my video reply from a girl who asked me if she could still model even though she has a nose ring:

The main thing you need are photos of yourself with the nose rings and without. You need shots of you smiling and your personality. A shorter girl will find oppotunities within commercial print modeling and by submitting to print modeling agencies...they are out there and they work with lifestyle and personality and beauty model for print work and commercial work. These models model lifestyle products, accessories, everything from cell phones, to beauty products to jewerly. Hey isn't a ose ring jewelry? Maybe the company that sells nose rings needs a model actually...mmm use what you do have to get ahead. Sometimes having some experiece working with a brand or showing you can actually model something can help you get an agency working with you. So make a compcard and promote yourself. Modeling is what you make it, I bring a self-made approach because I do not think things happen for a girl who waits. Instead you have to do it yourself, make your marketing material, perfect and keep trying! :)

Mail, mail, mail, honestly massive submissions, updating your photos, trying again, and again, and again, that is what it takes.

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