Monday, April 13, 2009

New Beauty shots!- Posing and Photography tips

These were shot over Easter weekend on Saturday. Most of these shots were full body shots which were shot at a high resolution so I could crop them myself. It is important for an aspring model to have some Photoshop skills. I have known some basic Photoshop skills since high school and also in college I learned some, and it helps to know how to do things, like cropping photos, your self. These shots are a basic over the shoulder shot. I pratice in the mirror a little before I shoot always. So I can feel what my face should feel like when I face the camera and how I shot will look. I slowly tilted my head up and down looking at the camera, putting face and chin close to the shoulder and then tilting my head up a little. I sometime looked away, with my back way from the camera and then slowly turn towards the camera as if something caught my eye as I walked passed it, and I looked back. I think of these things as I shoot and I focused on making my eyes say "I am looking at you, as if I am looking at something that I like," but I focus on keeping my expression calm. I like to imagine an ad for perfume, cosmetics or haircare when I shoot a close up.

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