Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Models Make your Marketing Material

An aspiring model can market herself better by having her own marketing material: compcards and a headshot. You don't need an agency to make a compcard and for many commercial print models it is the opposite: A compcard is how you get the agency interested in working with you.

Here is some insight into finding a printing place to print your compcard.

I would visit www.compcard.com but also there are printing places in your city or near by city that can also help. I would research printing companies that print headshots, or model compcards but also look for printing companies that print postcards for local companies in your town, flyiers,etc. It is best to see some examples of compcards before you print one of your own.

You could google:
headshot + printing + your city
compcard printing + your city

Or visit: www.compcard.com however when using a web printing service always see a printed physical proof in your hand through the postal mail before you approve it.

It is also good to study the photos that the models have on the modeling agencies website that you want to work with. Create similar photos.

Now you want your images in a jpeg format, and you want them 300 dpi- which is the proper print resolution size. You put your images on a CD and bring them to the printing company or upload the photos on a printing service such as www.compcard.com

However you do not want to come off too sexy on your card or showing too much skin, unless it is a "parts" card you should not show your bare nude skin, and if you do for a parts card it should only be in a commercial form or a shot like an editorial in Cosmo or Allure or Shape magazine.

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