Thursday, April 9, 2009

Modeling Questions answered: Photography

A girl asked me recently: I've been persuing modeling 4 sometime, however I've gotten pretty good feed back, signed with a few companies but Im spending lots of money on pictures and their not finding me work! What should I say or do? One agencies that I signed with wants me to get new pictures with their photographer before they market me.

My reply:
The only way I would work with a photographer that the agency suggested is if AFTER I met the photographer and I really like their work. Their skills and photographic eye and personality. Shooting a good headshot, and shots that will help you involves being confident and being comfortable with who you are working with is very Important!-, so I would meet the photographer first, and discuss the shots you need. YOU should discuss what YOU need.

As a model it is not about being babied, YOU should know what types of photos you need, you should think about the modeling jobs you can realistically get and you should target your photos in that way.

Perhaps the agencies and the photographers you are working with have their own visions of what YOU need, but YOU need to think about what You need and not expect to be babied to get ahead, -it doesn't work like that for most models,-and it can involve a new perspective on the agencies you should be working with, and the type of photography you need. A headshot is number 1! A beauty shot, or close up is very much needed. Next is a smile shot, this can be full body in jeans, alone as another headshot, you could have jewelry on, carrying a handbag, putting on shoes, sitting or standing in a bathingsuit but there should be a smile. Most art directors and magazine editors do not need to see the pose so intense, many times I have booked jobs by just being myself.

Even though models are all ages and a person can model throughout their life, you do not want to get waste time or time when it comes to photography. Sometimes you do need to invest in yourself and work with a photographer and pay for a nice headshot and if you think the photographer is a professional, knows lighting and the craft of photography then yes work with them but you MUST communicate and talk about the shots, bring samples and have a plan before you shoot. This is not play time or dress up, photography is what will book you work so it is serious. How you market yourself, the photos you show, is what will help get you the job or not. Your photos are what a magazine editor, art director, or marketing professional will see and decide on if they want to work with you, so your photos need to be well done and actually you could even do some of the creating of photos yourself. Here is insight on that:

Even while I work with great agencies in NYC I do make all my own compcards, I make it, I print it, and then I give a selection of them, maybe 20 to the agencies to use. I understand if you do not know what type of photos you need then maybe you should work with the agency but then again NO WAY because with so many scams out there photography is number 1 for scams. To prevent scams the main thing is YOU knowing what you are after. Knowing what photos you need that WILL help you and communicating what YOU need to the photographer, not just getting bossed around under the lights.

Photography should just be basic, a headshot, full body, and showing personality. If you Google Commercial print modeling or look at print modeling agency websites you can see the type of photography and photos the models they work with have on their website, and use that as an example to create your own photos.

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