Friday, April 24, 2009

Modeling photos for modeling agencies

A girl recently told me she is working with different photographers to get different shots and asked if this was bad?

My reply:

It can be bad or a waste of time sometimes if the photographers are not professional and quality and most photographers on model sites are not professional with professional intensions. If you have some nice face shots I would make a headshot and mail it to modeling agencies, casting directors, talent agencies. Why wait. Go to Barnes and Noble, pick up a Call Sheet or Ross Reports (it is a booklet of modeling agencies and casting directors) and mail, mail, mail! Mailing and trying and being available, is a huge part of getting modeling work. Waiting usually doesn’t bring results. Doing different types of pictures, if they are not the “right” photos an agent wants to see will not help you. A print modeling agency or talent agency or casting director just wants to see your face, your energy, the personality you show from the camera, so you do not need a ton of shoot to “see if you can model.” Practice in-front of the camera is of course good, but modeling is more than height, modeling is about using your personality and what you do have to book modeling jobs. You can improve your photos later but if you have a nice face shot I would send it off.

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