Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Modeling Photos for Compcard Tips

It is a good idea for a girl who wants to model to create her own compcard. The photos she picks should be well thought out. Creating a compcard can help you get an agency because you would mail the compcard to agencies. You want to show your best photos on your compcard and target yourself to agencies with photos that show a good headshot, and personality shots that show your energy and smile. Of course you can add swimwear, catalog or shots that involve jewelry or handbags or shoes, but try to make the shot look like an ad and have a product feel, remember modeling, real modeling is not just about You but it is about: Can you model a product- whether it is a handbag, haircare, swimwear, shoes, or a coffee pot!

If you are mailing a print modeling agency I do not suggest you put glamour photos on your compcard, that is not what a print model wants to see.

You want to show the agency that you CAN model and you want your compcard to help you get bookings, castings and work. Thinking "what does the agency want to see?" when you look at your photos is a good idea. To find the answer I would go to the modeling agencies website, or you can scroll this blog and find examples of commercial print modeling photos that an agency would like see. I would be selective and picky about the photos you show and do not show a photo that might turn someone off. Many girls are naive when they are new to trying to be a model and think that showing skin is how they get modeling jobs or an agency and actually it isn't. If you show yourself in the wrong ways it can actually turn off an agent. So I would study what commercial print modeling is before you put together your compcard.

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