Thursday, April 9, 2009

Modeling Agency vs finding Modeling Work on your own

A girl recently told me she had a headshot but asked if she should mail an agency or try to find her own work. This was part of my reply:

After you have your headshots you should mail them to agencies, but send them to print modeling agencies or talent agencies. Send the headshots in the postal mail with a note stating your hobbies, you might also want to mention that you have personality and great energy, agencies want to hear that.

Sometimes it does help to have experience when presenting yourself to an agency, experience as in credits, tearsheets, examples that you "can model" and have.

Working with an agency isn't just about you mailing your photo and them liking you, it is about you submitting and working with the "right agency" for you. Since you are petite you do not want to mail high fashion agencies, you want to mail print modeling agencies or talent agencies. At Barnes and Noble in the magaizne section, under Tv and Film, there is a booklet called The Call Sheet, -(it used to be called The Ross Reports,) but pick up this booklet The Call Sheet, inside is a list of casting directors and agencies.

Also on my blog you can find posts that mention print modeling agencies.

It can help to have experience when approaching an agency but it is worth a try to mail some headshots out at this point.

However when it comes to finding your own work I would do it carefully and not on the internet. I would go to craft shows, or stop by local aspiring companies, a local mom and pop hair salon, a jewelry company or aspiring handbag company and ask if they need models.

Usually what is posted on the internet is either a scam or a waste of time because it is not professional. There are a few decent online casting services but they cost money, such as Nycastings and actors access. I suggest only using them if you have some experience. You want to focus on getting experience modeling something for now, a jewerly brand, a handbag company, and be involved with a product to show you can model. You want to show professional experience, professional as in it is a modeling job that an agency will respect and which will help you.

Remember modeling is very competitive and it is a very hands-on pursuit, like a might play with a team, (have an agency) but that doesn't mean you should think that is the end all, modeling is about what you make of it, and how much you try and the work you put in. Marketing yourself properly is key. It is ALOT of work and many girls give up.

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