Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Modeling Agency Rejection Question answered

A girl recently asked me: I went 2 an open call today, I was told too come back in six months they did'nt have a spot for me at this time! Can you tell me what that really means? Also I've heard we just hired some girls in your category come back in six mths! Is that bs or what?

My reply:

I am not sure what agency you went to but it sounds like one that is more fashion based? It might not be complete bs, the agency might have a lot of girls they work with and are tying to use what they have now, see how it goes and then in 6 months takes submissions or look at girls again.

Modeling today is not just about getting signed, getting an agency to work with you, it is about work,and trying again and again..- it is about making ALOT of submissions and finding a few agencies to work with. It is unlikely for a shorter girl to find an exclusive modeling agency. Modeling is a business of No's. So when an agency looks at your photos the agency will think of the current bookings they have had and think of if you fit in the mix of the type of work they book.

I would try to submit to print and lifestyle commercial modeling agencies. Your pursuit shouldn't end (unless you want it to) just because you get a few No'Thanks! Modeling is competitive and the agency wants to be sure they can work with you, send you on castings, go-sees, book you work, time is money you know! It helps if a model has some experience actually and it helps if a model has a portfolio, some tearsheets, and always her own compcards. And mail and mail and mail your photos/compcard.......,and pick up a booklet called Call Sheet at Barnes and Noble in the magazine section, under film and tv, it is a booklet that has a list of casting directors and modeling agencies.


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