Saturday, April 11, 2009

Head shots and resume insight for a new model

A girl recently asked me: When I submit the head shots, do they need to be a certain size? Should I have a close-up and a body shot included? So, would I have to submit a resume along with the head shots?

Here are my thoughts:

A headshot is more for acting. Although it feels like modeling and acting are coming together. The headshot goes hand in hand with a modelig compcard. A compcard is what you should get for modeling, and modeling agency mail submissions. A headshot is for television and commercials, a compcard is for print work and also used for commercials. I think it is good for a girl to have both. On your headshot you should put a resume on the back.

If you visit: you can see samples of my resume and headshot.

Since you might not have much for a resume right now just including your credits, the salon you modeled for, and any hobbies you have, -I wouldn't mention the modelig school because modeling school are scams. Yup you're right about that one! I made a video on youtube here about how modeling school are a waste:

Also headshots are all so different, some show waist up with a smile, some are just a neck up, some are angled, headshots are all different, there is not just one way - so use a good facial shot that shows your full face, no hair in face- and print up a headshot 8 x 10 is standard size, either color or black and white is acceptable these days. You can get a resume printed on the back at or you can print out a piece of paper from your printer with your resume on it and trim the edges so it fits nicely and staple it to your headshot. Then mail it out!

Your compcard could show you two images or up to 4. More than 4 can look cluttered. A nice headshot on the front or beauty shot,-not too fashiony or too make makeup. Then on the back if you have a copy of the shots from the salon use those, or put together some casual friendly shots that show your personality, could be in jeans, a dress, -your compcard is like your mini portfolio which you will mail to commercial print modeling agencies. This compcard will be used for your castings and the agency will ask to have like 10 compcards to use for their marketing and needs. I would keep the rest of your compcards and keep hustling and mailing them out. Today girls can work with many agencies and freelance and as a new model she should expect this. Over the years it is normal to work with more than one agency so beware of agencies and contracts,-it is not needed, you can still model without one, you just have to know how to manage yourself a little because if you make money you will have to file taxes.

Yes, modeling is a lot of work, but it is also simply trying.
Trying in the right ways, in ways that bring you forward towards your goals and Set Goals! Don't just half ass it, set goals, realistic ones, and strive.


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