Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Find a modeling agency anywhere tips

Here are tips on how to find a modeling agency anywhere. Today a girl asked me about finding agencies in Texas and also another girl asked me about finding agencies in LA.

Here are my thoughts:

Use Google as your best research tool. Just by Googling you can find anything really.
And especially for modeling agencies. What if your perspective is that there is only high fashion agencies?...then

You can Google Texas + Talent Agencies

LA + Talent Agencies

Or try just the word Agency

La + Modeling Agency or Agencies

Also put your city + print modeling agencies

Or Agency

Sometimes the words "Modeling agency" without the "print" will only bring up Fashion agencies, so be sure to put the word "print" in there.

Other tricks are Googling the words especially if you are in a smaller city and you have photos and a compcard you could self market and try mailing some other ways to perhaps get some of your own work-this is only for those who are confident and able to self promote with the right material marketing and photos: production companies, marketing companies, local magazines, local newspapers, and brands that need models.
You can find your own modeling work working with brands by knowing what brands are based in your area and contacting their marketig department but I suggest only doing this with the right photos.

This unconventional way of marketing yourself involves research skills and is not for the naive- you have to be able to present yourself in a professional manner. You can also go to craft and fashion events locally and network with local jewelry and handbag designers who might need models. Local mom and pop hair salons as well might need models.

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