Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ever hear of Eye Modeling? Parts Modeling tips

A girl recently found my blog and reached out on Facebook, she asked about how to get into eye modeling. This was my reply and it might help a girl looking to get into parts modeling:

Eye modeling is a part of a type of modeling called "parts modelng" Well you totally need some photos of your eyes, close ups. Do you have any?

I suggest focusing on ads and editorials in magazines that involve makeup, glasses, skincare, even tweezer brands need eyes and eye brows for their packaging I imagine. I would do some research on where you see eyes used in the advertising world. I would try to target your photos to look like ads. Look up, look straight at the camera, also do a profile shot, show your eyes natural without makeup and then with makeup. Once you have a selection of photos it is best to put together a compcard. I use www.compcard.com - Then you can print up a compcard fousing on parts and print modeling, aside the "eye shots" include a nice headshot/beauty shot. Natural, not too cakey with makeup. Be yourself. You might also want to include a nice shot of you casual in jeans or a dress smiling as well. Then you would mail the photos to modeling agencies that book parts models, or have a parts division. I know Flaunt Models does, FFT Models, Parts Models, CESD, have parts divisions. So your best bet is to mail, mail, mail your photos and keep a compcard handy as well for your own promotion. Perhaps at a beauty expo, tradeshow, or event you can attend and network with brands that might need a model. Modeling is about self promotion, about making what you want to happen, it does take work...modeling is not a show off game- like many girls think- modeling is about how well you market yourself. Photos are key.. so get those eye photos!

I hope this helps!


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Anonymous said...

hey Isobella my name is Saara!! sum gud advise wat u av pt ere 4 ppl 2 read :) it is hard tho i suppose 2 gt in 2 ne thin these days! Iv bin told by ppl that i shud try gt in2 eye modellin its sumthin iv neva even thot bout b4 bt i js think thers 2many ppl doin this kind Of thing nw 2gt in 2 it,,i js wudnt no wer 2 start 1st,,lol