Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Different photographers for your compcard photos

A girl on Myspace asked me recently, "I was wondering if its good to work with a couple of different photographers for your compcard photos. Because I want the best photos I can get and I thought I may be good to get different photographers so I can get versitility in my photos? Thanks"

My reply:

Well, Sometimes workig with more than one photographer can be good, but what matters most is working with a professional. Someone who knows the craft of photography, knows lighting and that you have spoken to the photographer ahead of time and showed samples of what you are looking for and discussed it ahead of time. Yes you could shoot with more than one photographer or shoot a couple times with the same one, and then each shoot focus on a different shot so you are not overwhelmed. For example: For one shoot just focus on facial shots, headshots, some smiles, serious, over the shoulder, different poses. Then for another shoot with the same or a different photographer focus on action shots-walking down the street, holding a product like a handbag or putting on shoes while the photographer shoots you. Shots like this look more like ads, which is good and what a commercial print modeling agency wants to see. Let your personality shine through, but even a shot that is full body can be cropped into a facial/headshot- it is good to know a little bit about Photoshop to crop photos if needed. Don't think your photos will need a lot of touch up and don't do that, that is when the photos get looking weird and not natural, and natural is key..You being you for commercial print modeling. Sometimes it is best not to plan a whole day of shooting and instead just focus on what you need and little by little get the shots. Sometimes they even look better this way because you are not as pressured to produce perfect photos in the first round.

I hope this helps,

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