Thursday, April 30, 2009

Child modeling advice

A mother recently wrote me an email about her 6 year daughter and getting her into hair modeling. This was my reply which might help other mothers and models of all ages who are interested in hair modeling.

I got your message about your daughter. The best advice I can offer is to get photos of your her with her hair in many styles. Up, down, plain, up like she is going to a birthday party. And get shots with smiles!

Massive mailing is key! Mailing all types of agencies not just the Fords and majors but smaller agencies that work with child models as well. Talent agencies, all types. I would pick up a Ross Reports booklet, it is now called The Call Sheet and you can find it in Barnes and Noble in the magazine section under TV and Film, it has a list of agents and casting directors for all types and ages. Mail, mail, mail. It is more professional when mailing to send a compcard or a headshot, v.s snapshots...but do what you can and a cheaper way to print compcards is at

As for what you can do locally in your town.

Research some tradeshows that deal with beauty, and hair. Stop by hair schools that might need a child model. Experience can also help to get an agent interested sometimes. Maybe a local magazine, for families or parents might be interested in using your daughter for an editorial in the magazine, mail a compcard to the photo editor at the local magazines and newspapers. Try to get a little experience for your daughter.

There might be some local salons that are also looking for child models, if the hair salon is a chain you would have to be pretty savvy and have marketing skills to approach the marketing department, associate with photos or a compcard of your daughter. If the company is a mom and pop type salon you might be able to just walk up and approach the owner or manager about modeling opportunities.

Mass mailing is key! Mailing the right agents with the right photos is best. Also as tempting as it might be DO NOT put your daughters photo out there on the internet. It is unprofessional and even lead to scams, and mistakes. Do things the professional way, get a compcard made for your daughter, and you might even find that a local hair magazine is right in your area as well. Do some research on what is local while you try to submit to agencies, submit, submit, submit. That is the one thing that never changes among age for models. Do not pay an agency for photos, do not fall for scams. Be her manager and friend and make sure it is always fun, modeling is about using what you do have to get ahead and confidence is a big part of that!

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