Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best 3 Modeling Job Websites

It is not easy self promoting no matter what field you are in, but for modeling self promotion on the web should be done with ALOT of caution. The internet is full of perverts, jerks, and scams. And trying to find modeling work on the web can lead to even life threatening situations.

These are three sites that are at least monitored and the castings that go through are reviewed before posted, for aspiring models and actors:
Also you can email:

To get daily acting and modeling castings sent to you for free.

Even with these websites I would always ask questions ahead of time, before showing up. I think working with a person is also always better than an electronic system.

If you do apply to a casting on the internet I do suggest to ask questions before showing up to the job, office, garage, etc.

Who is the production company? Who is the photographer? Get a name?
Get in your email the location, the payment, all of the info. Then to keep yourself extra safe tell a friend where you are going.

Also do not show or send revealing, half naked, semi nude, lingerie or swimwear photos casually over the internet or through emails to modeling jobs. Send a headshot first. Then when you hear a reply ask some questions and then send a body shot. It is easy for someone to grab the jpeg and then post it on a Slutty website and suddenly your face is on it! Becareful! Be smart.

An open forum where anyone can post anything is a set up for disaster, letdowns, scams, perverts and mistakes.

I do not suggest using or Modelmayhem, or Craigslist for legit modeling jobs.

A post might seem legit but a legit modeling agency does not post castings on the internet typically looking for models. Top brands and magazines do not either.
They do not have time and top brands and magazines work with agencies because they want to work with good models, experienced models and agencies usually have these.

If you are wondering what is a legit modeling job and what is not:

Legit means you can tell your mom about the modeling job, and that it will leap you forward within your goals, and if you are trying to get a modeling agent then an agent would consider the job professional.

Many girls play with the word model, "call" themselves one, but you are not a model until you model something, a product, a brand, and for a legit purpose. Being hired by the hour to work with a non-professional is not modeling.

The best thing for a girl to do is to submit her photos, headshots, compcard to a profesional modeling agency if she really wants to model. It might take time but it is better to be professional than waste time, get scammed, or worse.

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