Monday, April 6, 2009

Anti-modeling agency logo on comp cards

Is there an agency name on my compcard? The answer is No.

The reason a model should make her own marketing material, her compcard, headshot, etc is for the freedom to manage herself. It does take confidence and also a good marketing perspective to market yourself well as a model and find opportunities, however a girl should not feel that having the agency logo on her compcard means she is one step ahead of the game. Many times it is the opposite.

I think it is best for a girl to make a compcard for herself. Most agencies will give you sticks or you can also write the agency number on your cards at castings or go-sees. This is normal and I do it.

You should be prepared for the hands on work of making compcards, marketing yourself and then giving compcard to the agencies you freelance work. I do not want an agency logo on my card unless they are paying for the card. Many girls make mistakes pay thousands for photos and compcards and then are left with nothing because the agency takes all the cards. When it comes to making a compcard, put it this way...why bank on one agency if they have not even booked you a job yet? Why put all your marketig material in their hands without even knowing they can book you a job? Modeling is a very competitive and unstable pursuit and you do not want to put all your marketing material out of your hands...Instead I would ask an agency to use the card YOU create. I understand in other States beyond NY there are not as many modeling agencies or opportunties...but I would never let an agency put their logo all over my marketing material unless I feel that we work well together and that the agency has booked me modeling work.....

It is a bad idea to have no marketing materials of your own if you are a shorter model. Shorter models tend to freelance with commercial print modeling agencies. Don't be mislead..agencies that make the cards that you pay for and keep them and the models get none,- THAT IS wrong and scamful. Especially if you paid for them. I have very strong thoughts about making your own compcard...I live in NYC and work with top agencies, I am self-made and the agencies I work with use the card I give them. Sure they give me comments sometimes on things they need, but I like to be in-control of me.

The agency is not my end all, the agency is part of my pursuit but I do not personally expect the agency to get me everything I want in modeling so I do take it seriously to have my own marketing material.


Unknown said...

Hi :) I truly admire how you've succeeded and would like to replicate your ambition and motivation. I have been working very hard to go to agencies and get exposed but I always seem to arrive at a dead end. How do you create your own marketing material?? I set up my own shoots and get some great photos but do I go to a separate company to create comp cards? Then what?

Unknown said...

Hi Sandra, With your question in mind the next posts will have some insight into compcard printing or just google: compcard printing or make a compcard or model marketing material and you will find other posts I have written or scrol the blog. I hope it helps! After you create the cards you will need to mail them to print modeling agencies, these days it is not about the agency doing it all for you it is about you being hands on and making your own material and compcard and mailing them to agencies to get representation - isobella