Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 Modeling Mistakes not to Make- Modeling advice

To be better do better, want more work more, shoot high, aim high, be more and become who you want to be. My recently segment on Model Talk Radio was called:

5 Modeling Mistakes not to Make

Here is some insight on the segment.

1. Don’t kid yourself that you are a model until you actually modeling something
Modeling takes more than a pretty face. Accept that you might never be on a runway or billboard or a supermodel. Accept what you are…don’t change yourself, and know how to market yourself properly.

2. Do your background checks on everything from photographers to agencies, to the brands you work with. Judge each opportunity that comes your way and make sure it is an opportunity what will propel you forward.

3. Don’t wait for the phone to ring or for someone to “just discover you” make your own modeling marketing material, and mail it aggressively.

4. Don’t rely on the internet to make you model. Social sites should not be used for modeling promotion. Just recently I received a message a Myspace from a photographer promoting his services…I would also be weary of people who use Myspace as their website and promotional service. It is not professional and professionals are not on Myspace booking ad campaigns.

5. Try more than once. Modeling is a lot of work, anyone who tells you it is easy is nuts.

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