Thursday, April 30, 2009

Child modeling advice

A mother recently wrote me an email about her 6 year daughter and getting her into hair modeling. This was my reply which might help other mothers and models of all ages who are interested in hair modeling.

I got your message about your daughter. The best advice I can offer is to get photos of your her with her hair in many styles. Up, down, plain, up like she is going to a birthday party. And get shots with smiles!

Massive mailing is key! Mailing all types of agencies not just the Fords and majors but smaller agencies that work with child models as well. Talent agencies, all types. I would pick up a Ross Reports booklet, it is now called The Call Sheet and you can find it in Barnes and Noble in the magazine section under TV and Film, it has a list of agents and casting directors for all types and ages. Mail, mail, mail. It is more professional when mailing to send a compcard or a headshot, v.s snapshots...but do what you can and a cheaper way to print compcards is at

As for what you can do locally in your town.

Research some tradeshows that deal with beauty, and hair. Stop by hair schools that might need a child model. Experience can also help to get an agent interested sometimes. Maybe a local magazine, for families or parents might be interested in using your daughter for an editorial in the magazine, mail a compcard to the photo editor at the local magazines and newspapers. Try to get a little experience for your daughter.

There might be some local salons that are also looking for child models, if the hair salon is a chain you would have to be pretty savvy and have marketing skills to approach the marketing department, associate with photos or a compcard of your daughter. If the company is a mom and pop type salon you might be able to just walk up and approach the owner or manager about modeling opportunities.

Mass mailing is key! Mailing the right agents with the right photos is best. Also as tempting as it might be DO NOT put your daughters photo out there on the internet. It is unprofessional and even lead to scams, and mistakes. Do things the professional way, get a compcard made for your daughter, and you might even find that a local hair magazine is right in your area as well. Do some research on what is local while you try to submit to agencies, submit, submit, submit. That is the one thing that never changes among age for models. Do not pay an agency for photos, do not fall for scams. Be her manager and friend and make sure it is always fun, modeling is about using what you do have to get ahead and confidence is a big part of that!

I hope this helps,


Wednesday, April 29, 2009

5 Modeling Mistakes not to Make- Modeling advice

To be better do better, want more work more, shoot high, aim high, be more and become who you want to be. My recently segment on Model Talk Radio was called:

5 Modeling Mistakes not to Make

Here is some insight on the segment.

1. Don’t kid yourself that you are a model until you actually modeling something
Modeling takes more than a pretty face. Accept that you might never be on a runway or billboard or a supermodel. Accept what you are…don’t change yourself, and know how to market yourself properly.

2. Do your background checks on everything from photographers to agencies, to the brands you work with. Judge each opportunity that comes your way and make sure it is an opportunity what will propel you forward.

3. Don’t wait for the phone to ring or for someone to “just discover you” make your own modeling marketing material, and mail it aggressively.

4. Don’t rely on the internet to make you model. Social sites should not be used for modeling promotion. Just recently I received a message a Myspace from a photographer promoting his services…I would also be weary of people who use Myspace as their website and promotional service. It is not professional and professionals are not on Myspace booking ad campaigns.

5. Try more than once. Modeling is a lot of work, anyone who tells you it is easy is nuts.

Print Male Modeling tips

A recent college graduate asked me recently about male modeling. He is too short for fashion modeling but was curious about print. Here was my reply:

Modeling comes down to you believe in you. Modeling is a business of No's. Print modeling, commercial print modeling is best for a model who is not of fashion height, male or female. Nicholas I suggest getting a nice smile shot of yourself, and look in magazines like even Cosmo, GQ, Details, - modeling is not just fitness and fashion for a male. Look at editorials in magazines, and remember models are used for many types of magazines these days from travel magazines, to Watch Magazines, to Golf, etc!

So think broad. Target yourself to agencies with the right photos that show your personality, friendly appeal.

Male models are not all fashion models, men of all ages can find print modeling work, similar to a female modeling is not just for the young or perfect, modeling is about modeling products and many products out there need men to model them. Shaving, furniture, computer brands, jeans, car commercials, the list is forever long.

The best thing to do is to get photos that let your diversity shine. Wear a suit, and also jeans. And you do not have to take off your shirt.

Just like a shorter female, submit to print and lifestyle modeling agencies.

Modeling is how you market yourself.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ever hear of Eye Modeling? Parts Modeling tips

A girl recently found my blog and reached out on Facebook, she asked about how to get into eye modeling. This was my reply and it might help a girl looking to get into parts modeling:

Eye modeling is a part of a type of modeling called "parts modelng" Well you totally need some photos of your eyes, close ups. Do you have any?

I suggest focusing on ads and editorials in magazines that involve makeup, glasses, skincare, even tweezer brands need eyes and eye brows for their packaging I imagine. I would do some research on where you see eyes used in the advertising world. I would try to target your photos to look like ads. Look up, look straight at the camera, also do a profile shot, show your eyes natural without makeup and then with makeup. Once you have a selection of photos it is best to put together a compcard. I use - Then you can print up a compcard fousing on parts and print modeling, aside the "eye shots" include a nice headshot/beauty shot. Natural, not too cakey with makeup. Be yourself. You might also want to include a nice shot of you casual in jeans or a dress smiling as well. Then you would mail the photos to modeling agencies that book parts models, or have a parts division. I know Flaunt Models does, FFT Models, Parts Models, CESD, have parts divisions. So your best bet is to mail, mail, mail your photos and keep a compcard handy as well for your own promotion. Perhaps at a beauty expo, tradeshow, or event you can attend and network with brands that might need a model. Modeling is about self promotion, about making what you want to happen, it does take work...modeling is not a show off game- like many girls think- modeling is about how well you market yourself. Photos are key.. so get those eye photos!

I hope this helps!


Monday, April 27, 2009

What is promotional modeling? Answer

A girl on Facebook recently told me she didn't know what a compcard was but she said she wanted to do promotional modeling. Here are my thoughts on promotional modeling.

Promotional modeling is not guaranteed to lead you to print work or more opportunities as a model. Promotional modeling is working with a brand at an event, tradeshow or nation-tour where you hand out free promotional items bearing the brands name to promote it, the product or service. It can pay well $20 an hour or more sometimes, but if a girl wants to do print modeling she should pursue that in a different way.

Honestly a promotional model many times will find herself just handing out free stuff. However, sometimes it can mean going to some fun events, but over all you are a girl handing out promotional items. Promotional modeling does't lead to print work usually but it can pay well and it can be good for someone who is interested in being a spokemodel for a brand, hosting, and interacting with products.

You could do promotional modeling as a summer job or for fun or for the experience, but the job is more about physically marketing a product by handing out samples in the street with a street team or going to a fair or event and wearing a tee-shirt with the brands logo on it and being a brand ambassador for the day or week, -however long the promotion goes on.

This does not mean you will be in their ad campaign, but for a new model it could be a fun way to get experience working around a professional environment and atmosphere with a legit and professional brand.

Payment can take up to 30-60 days. ( which is typically and for a print modeling job it is basically the same, modeling is not a stable income because it can take weeks, or months to sometimes get paid. The agency has to be paid by the client, the client usually gets 30 days to pay and then the agency most likely puts the money in their bank and lets it sit for a couple more weeks to get some interest and then you are cut your check. Just being honest here.)

Being a model involves something different. You will need a compcard, which is a standard marketing tool for models,- it is a stock card that showcases your look and shows an agent or future modeling job prospect that you can model.

Also I suggest stopping commercial print or talent agencies websites to view what type of photos their models have. You want to create photos that are targeted towards the print modeling world, so this involves personality, friendly looks, and photos that look like ads- you could be modeling jewelry, a handbag, shoes, but showing your personality is important. Different than fashion, commercial print involves a model using her personality,…fashion tends to be more serious type looks.

Some agencies are FFT Models, CESD, Flaunt Models,and many other print agencies and talent agencies are in NYC.

At Barnes and Noble you can pick up a booklet called The Call Sheet or The Ross Reports and inside is a list of addresses and names of casting directors and modeling agencies and talent agencies ( about ten bucks.) Then when you have a compcard or headshot you mail, mail, 30 or 40 of them out.
Models also have headshots for work on TV and commercials. You will need to be active in marketing, mailing by postal mail your photos, compcard, headshots to commercial print modeling agencies. Mailing and being active is a huge part of getting modeling oportunities with agencies these days. A shorter girl can find modeling opportunities but she needs to show her smile, not fashion-type photos, she should show her personality within the photos and mail them to agencies.

I hope this helps,

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Top Ten Swimwear online shopping- hot denim bikini's

I love this denim bikini by don't you!

These are my top ten swimwear shopping online links: sexy but stuff you can wear around your family just about everything for ever body type some sweet flower patterns for all types, curvy and flat. has a hot denim bikini; some of this is too hot to wear to a family reunion.

5 more to go...

If you want an original or unique bathingsuit stop by Patricia Field at 302 Bowery
NYC, NY 10012.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Modeling photos for modeling agencies

A girl recently told me she is working with different photographers to get different shots and asked if this was bad?

My reply:

It can be bad or a waste of time sometimes if the photographers are not professional and quality and most photographers on model sites are not professional with professional intensions. If you have some nice face shots I would make a headshot and mail it to modeling agencies, casting directors, talent agencies. Why wait. Go to Barnes and Noble, pick up a Call Sheet or Ross Reports (it is a booklet of modeling agencies and casting directors) and mail, mail, mail! Mailing and trying and being available, is a huge part of getting modeling work. Waiting usually doesn’t bring results. Doing different types of pictures, if they are not the “right” photos an agent wants to see will not help you. A print modeling agency or talent agency or casting director just wants to see your face, your energy, the personality you show from the camera, so you do not need a ton of shoot to “see if you can model.” Practice in-front of the camera is of course good, but modeling is more than height, modeling is about using your personality and what you do have to book modeling jobs. You can improve your photos later but if you have a nice face shot I would send it off.

Modeling is not just fashion

If you mail your photos to agencies, and really try to market yourself with the right photos that will benefit you, and keep striving, you can find opportunities because modeling is what you make is not just fashion or Ford Models anymore...there is more out there but a girl has to strive, seek the answers, research the agencies, get the right photos, make a compcard, and not wait for someone to make it easy for her.

Tomorrow I will be speaking about this at a modeling bootcamp, for information click here:

Thursday, April 23, 2009

4 budget shopping buys for spring

Shopping on a budget doesn't have to be a drag, because you can find great items but sometimes it does involve hunting or even stopping by a new store to check out.

This spring there are 4 items we can all afford to spice up spring; here is my spring budget breakdown:

Best 3 Modeling Job Websites

It is not easy self promoting no matter what field you are in, but for modeling self promotion on the web should be done with ALOT of caution. The internet is full of perverts, jerks, and scams. And trying to find modeling work on the web can lead to even life threatening situations.

These are three sites that are at least monitored and the castings that go through are reviewed before posted, for aspiring models and actors:
Also you can email:

To get daily acting and modeling castings sent to you for free.

Even with these websites I would always ask questions ahead of time, before showing up. I think working with a person is also always better than an electronic system.

If you do apply to a casting on the internet I do suggest to ask questions before showing up to the job, office, garage, etc.

Who is the production company? Who is the photographer? Get a name?
Get in your email the location, the payment, all of the info. Then to keep yourself extra safe tell a friend where you are going.

Also do not show or send revealing, half naked, semi nude, lingerie or swimwear photos casually over the internet or through emails to modeling jobs. Send a headshot first. Then when you hear a reply ask some questions and then send a body shot. It is easy for someone to grab the jpeg and then post it on a Slutty website and suddenly your face is on it! Becareful! Be smart.

An open forum where anyone can post anything is a set up for disaster, letdowns, scams, perverts and mistakes.

I do not suggest using or Modelmayhem, or Craigslist for legit modeling jobs.

A post might seem legit but a legit modeling agency does not post castings on the internet typically looking for models. Top brands and magazines do not either.
They do not have time and top brands and magazines work with agencies because they want to work with good models, experienced models and agencies usually have these.

If you are wondering what is a legit modeling job and what is not:

Legit means you can tell your mom about the modeling job, and that it will leap you forward within your goals, and if you are trying to get a modeling agent then an agent would consider the job professional.

Many girls play with the word model, "call" themselves one, but you are not a model until you model something, a product, a brand, and for a legit purpose. Being hired by the hour to work with a non-professional is not modeling.

The best thing for a girl to do is to submit her photos, headshots, compcard to a profesional modeling agency if she really wants to model. It might take time but it is better to be professional than waste time, get scammed, or worse.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Craigslist issues for Models radio segment

Isobella shares her thoughts on Models using Craigslist and the risk of marketing yourself through the internet in any format if not done carefully. She will also cover how the internet can help and hurt an aspiring model. Past segments with Steve Erle, Gunnar Peterson, Wet n Wild Cosmetics, Styli-Style Cosmetics, Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics are archived.

When: Weds 1pm, April 22nd, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Are model scouts full of crap?

A mother recently emailed me about her teenage daughter and told her about her experience being scouted only to find her daughter was too short to join the agency.

Here was part of my reply and my thoughts on model scouts.

Modeling is not just for the tall. The experience you had with the scout and agent is typical. Think of model scouts like sales reps, they need to bring a certain amount of girls into the agency a month most likely and your daughter was seen as pretty but then at the meeting all that was judged was her height. Just be lucky you were not scammed to pay the agency or worse. What you daughter needs is a "how many different types of models are out there" perspective. If all she thinks models are, are tall, on the runway and in Vogue then her modeling mentality needs to change. Modeling is WAY more than fashion, (and also way more than Playboy). Modeling is about modeling something, actually modeling a product, and many models out there are not tall. They are print models who use their personality to model products, brands and services -everything from a ponytail holder to a tampon, to a cheeseburger need models, think of modeling as advertising, think cell phone ads, Advil, colleges, hair brands, jewerly, travel ads, furniture ads, technology products, models are not all tall and super skinny. So if you daughter wants to model she just needs to find the right agencies. They are out there. Most models are not actually. They are print models and they work within print ads, editorials in magazines, catalogs, online ads. You will need to target your daughter to commercial print modeling agencies, you could also try a talent agency. You could try acting casting directors, but to start you should try to take some of your own photos of your daughter, her smiling, laughing, holding a handbag, being herself, tell her to look through magazines like Teen Vogue and Seventeen. The goal is to teach her to notice the ads and the personality within them and that modeling is not all about being tall and perfect, or pretty, it is about simply, "being what the brand, product, art director, marketing director, is looking for..."

Modeling is a competitive world and if your daughter knows ahead of time, like a sport, she will be facing good days and not so good and that practice and trying has a lot to do with modeling and finding opportunities.

When it comes to making photos the goal is to make the photo look like an ad and showing your daughter for who she is, not to have her "try" to hard to model because if you look at ads you will see "being yourself" is really what modeling is also. Changing yourself is not needed to model products.

The photos should be made into a headshot or compcard: I use

The modeling business has changed and there are more agencies, which is good, but also there are more scams and to avoid them a girl should create her own marketing materials. There is nothing wrong with it and it is typical, and normal to do so these days. Making your own compcard and headshot and mailing it to agencies is HOW you get an agency, casting director, etc, working with you. Don't think the agency will do it all for you. Get ahead of them and create your own marketing material. Just like going to an interview, you need to send your resume first, same with modeling, -send your compcard first to the print agency.

Also go to Barnes and Noble and pick up a Ross Reports, also called The Call Sheet, in the magazine section, it is a booklet of casting directors and agencies, and mail, mail, mial, it could takes 30 submissions, and in the end you might not hear from anyone. Modeling is competitive, but it is not something that a daughter and mother can not manage themselves. But do expect the hands on effort. Modeling is work, ALOT of work.

Modeling these days is about making yourself, about knowing how to market yourself and about contacting the right agencies. You might have to put time in to creating photos, make a compcard and mail, mail, mail over and again an agency/agencies. Modeling is not a fairytale, it is work!

Friday, April 17, 2009

How-to Modeling Book-would you read it?

I am putting together a how-to-modeling book, and as I do this I am finding that there is a huge lack of good,honest, and realistic step -by-step how-to modeling books out there. If you are interested in modeling please let me know:

1. Would you buy a a how-to modeling book for all heights, ages, and types of models, and would this book be helpful for you?

2. Are there any how-to modeling books that you have read that liked?

Write me a message through my website or comment about it.



Don't start Modeling on the Internet

It is a bad idea to think that your Myspace or Facebook or that a model site will help you model. It might seem like an easy way in but honestly, anything in life that seems too easy or too good to be true usually is. Get professional to have professional things come to you. Work hard to get worth while opportunities. Showing off photos on the internet does not mean you are a model. Unless you are confident and experienced enough to approach brands and magazine editors yourself then you WILL need to work with an agency, you will need to make your own compcards and you WILL need to understand that modeling is work. Don't mess with the word, being a model takes more than just being a hot chick.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

MySpace Modeling is not a viable industry

A guy on Twitter asked me that recently.

My reply was:
Judge a model by what she is modeling, u are not a model until u actually model something. Being hot doesn't make you a model. And also: There are ways to market yourself as a model that will help you, then there are the ways that just leave you staring at urself on a screen

Putting your photo on the internet and calling yourself a model can actually be a risky way to promote yourself. If you want to model, seriously, you need to get some quality photos taken, or a nice headshot or face shot and mail it to an agency in the postal mail. No other way is honest. So do it legit or don't call yourself a model.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

How to prepare for a Photo Shoot answered

Here is a video I made on tips on how to prepare for your photoshoot and discuss what you need with the photographer ahead of time.

On my podcast this week I will speaking about how to prepare for a photo shoot so tune in at:

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Don't Pay the Modeling Agency

I do not believe a model should have to pay to be a model and join a modeling agecy database website! The agency might say it is more exposure for their clients for you to be on the website, but don't do that! That is nuts. I have grown as a model and over time now work with great agencies who do NOT charge me to be on their website or work with them. I do however give them my own marketing material, which I make myself.

I do believe a girl who wants to model will have to be prepared to make her marketing material on her own and at her own expense. Make her own compcards ( that and get her own photography and be more hands-on with her pursuits. More control over herself. And try to get some experience before approaching an agency. Like being an athlete it is better to show you can play the game, have played before you play with a team.

You do not have to be scammed by an agency to pay for photos through them or make a compcard through them. Make your own, and many print modeling agencies freelance with many models and this is how it is done.

However, I am sad to know that some agencies I have considered legit have turned into agencies that charge models to be on their website database. It is sad. Frustrating and it upsets me because I tell girls to work with these agencies and then what do you know they have turned into "another jerk agency like that." Yuck.

Girls, remember if you are making your own compcards like you should ( I use and there are many headshot and compcard printing services out there, just google it.) then you should NOT pay an agency to put your jpgs or scan your compcards. I understand it is a digital world, but being an agent to me should involve more than just directing a client to the website, an agent should be pitching the models they have, and promoting them to the right jobs.

I work with two very legit agencies in NYC who do not charge me to model with them and I have booked great work with them, but there are many, many agencies out there who take advantage of the internet age and want aspiring models who are naive to pay to join a database! It is nuts, and do not do it.

Girls that are shorter should not expect to get a phone call every minute for a casting or go-see but there are opportunities out there and you should not expect to be babied, you should know ahead of time, how to pose, how to model. Do not think going into the modeling business blind and unaware is a good idea. Do your homework about what modeling is! If a girl has no experience at all it is very easy to get scammed. Even with some agencies that might at first seem legit.

There are legit agencies out there, it might be harder to work with them, you might have to keep submitting again and again but if you want something the fight is worth it.

Preparing for photo shoot tips on podcast today

Tune in to my podcast Weds at 11 am to hear live insight on how to prepare for a photoshoot. Or listen after the show anytime.

I am sharing tip on how to best prepare for a photo shoot for your compcard and questions you should ask the photographer ahead of time. I will also talk about beauty,style, and posing tips for your first shoot and the next steps of preparing to print your photos and make a compcard for a modeling agency mailed submission.

Listen live at 11 am Weds the 15th or anytime to the archive.

Different photographers for your compcard photos

A girl on Myspace asked me recently, "I was wondering if its good to work with a couple of different photographers for your compcard photos. Because I want the best photos I can get and I thought I may be good to get different photographers so I can get versitility in my photos? Thanks"

My reply:

Well, Sometimes workig with more than one photographer can be good, but what matters most is working with a professional. Someone who knows the craft of photography, knows lighting and that you have spoken to the photographer ahead of time and showed samples of what you are looking for and discussed it ahead of time. Yes you could shoot with more than one photographer or shoot a couple times with the same one, and then each shoot focus on a different shot so you are not overwhelmed. For example: For one shoot just focus on facial shots, headshots, some smiles, serious, over the shoulder, different poses. Then for another shoot with the same or a different photographer focus on action shots-walking down the street, holding a product like a handbag or putting on shoes while the photographer shoots you. Shots like this look more like ads, which is good and what a commercial print modeling agency wants to see. Let your personality shine through, but even a shot that is full body can be cropped into a facial/headshot- it is good to know a little bit about Photoshop to crop photos if needed. Don't think your photos will need a lot of touch up and don't do that, that is when the photos get looking weird and not natural, and natural is key..You being you for commercial print modeling. Sometimes it is best not to plan a whole day of shooting and instead just focus on what you need and little by little get the shots. Sometimes they even look better this way because you are not as pressured to produce perfect photos in the first round.

I hope this helps,

Monday, April 13, 2009

New Beauty shots!- Posing and Photography tips

These were shot over Easter weekend on Saturday. Most of these shots were full body shots which were shot at a high resolution so I could crop them myself. It is important for an aspring model to have some Photoshop skills. I have known some basic Photoshop skills since high school and also in college I learned some, and it helps to know how to do things, like cropping photos, your self. These shots are a basic over the shoulder shot. I pratice in the mirror a little before I shoot always. So I can feel what my face should feel like when I face the camera and how I shot will look. I slowly tilted my head up and down looking at the camera, putting face and chin close to the shoulder and then tilting my head up a little. I sometime looked away, with my back way from the camera and then slowly turn towards the camera as if something caught my eye as I walked passed it, and I looked back. I think of these things as I shoot and I focused on making my eyes say "I am looking at you, as if I am looking at something that I like," but I focus on keeping my expression calm. I like to imagine an ad for perfume, cosmetics or haircare when I shoot a close up.

What is dress size for modeling compcards

A girl recently sent me a message that said: Hi i'm sending my picture in to a modeling agency and on the back of my picture they wanted me to write my dress size. I'm super confused by what they meant by that.Do they mean dress size as in "dresses" or "casual wear"

This was my reply: (see Video as well below for more insight)

Dress size means the number size you wear. I am a 0/1. You would not put Small, Medium, or Large, you would put a number like 3/4 or 5/6 etc. To see a sample compcard and how it looks on a compcard visit my sample compcards here:

Usually your compcard will read your height, waist, bust, hips, shoe size, dress size, hair color, eye color. I hope this helps you on time,- Isobella

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Make a Modeling Compcard video-and use it!

Yes an aspiring model should make her own compcard. Here is a video on making a compcard.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Head shots and resume insight for a new model

A girl recently asked me: When I submit the head shots, do they need to be a certain size? Should I have a close-up and a body shot included? So, would I have to submit a resume along with the head shots?

Here are my thoughts:

A headshot is more for acting. Although it feels like modeling and acting are coming together. The headshot goes hand in hand with a modelig compcard. A compcard is what you should get for modeling, and modeling agency mail submissions. A headshot is for television and commercials, a compcard is for print work and also used for commercials. I think it is good for a girl to have both. On your headshot you should put a resume on the back.

If you visit: you can see samples of my resume and headshot.

Since you might not have much for a resume right now just including your credits, the salon you modeled for, and any hobbies you have, -I wouldn't mention the modelig school because modeling school are scams. Yup you're right about that one! I made a video on youtube here about how modeling school are a waste:

Also headshots are all so different, some show waist up with a smile, some are just a neck up, some are angled, headshots are all different, there is not just one way - so use a good facial shot that shows your full face, no hair in face- and print up a headshot 8 x 10 is standard size, either color or black and white is acceptable these days. You can get a resume printed on the back at or you can print out a piece of paper from your printer with your resume on it and trim the edges so it fits nicely and staple it to your headshot. Then mail it out!

Your compcard could show you two images or up to 4. More than 4 can look cluttered. A nice headshot on the front or beauty shot,-not too fashiony or too make makeup. Then on the back if you have a copy of the shots from the salon use those, or put together some casual friendly shots that show your personality, could be in jeans, a dress, -your compcard is like your mini portfolio which you will mail to commercial print modeling agencies. This compcard will be used for your castings and the agency will ask to have like 10 compcards to use for their marketing and needs. I would keep the rest of your compcards and keep hustling and mailing them out. Today girls can work with many agencies and freelance and as a new model she should expect this. Over the years it is normal to work with more than one agency so beware of agencies and contracts,-it is not needed, you can still model without one, you just have to know how to manage yourself a little because if you make money you will have to file taxes.

Yes, modeling is a lot of work, but it is also simply trying.
Trying in the right ways, in ways that bring you forward towards your goals and Set Goals! Don't just half ass it, set goals, realistic ones, and strive.


Skincare, Beauty Daily: what do you put on your face?

Right now I am using Jurlique Balancing Day Care Cream, I put it on my neck, forehead, cheeks, chin, nose, under my eyes. I put it on in the morning and also at night after I get out of the shower.

I wear a moisturizer daily but sometimes I use Clinique dramatically different moisturizing gel under my eyes and on my face before bed.

My toner right now is Breath of Fresh Air skin toner from Lush Fresh Cosmetics.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Nose rings and modeling

This is my video reply from a girl who asked me if she could still model even though she has a nose ring:

The main thing you need are photos of yourself with the nose rings and without. You need shots of you smiling and your personality. A shorter girl will find oppotunities within commercial print modeling and by submitting to print modeling agencies...they are out there and they work with lifestyle and personality and beauty model for print work and commercial work. These models model lifestyle products, accessories, everything from cell phones, to beauty products to jewerly. Hey isn't a ose ring jewelry? Maybe the company that sells nose rings needs a model actually...mmm use what you do have to get ahead. Sometimes having some experiece working with a brand or showing you can actually model something can help you get an agency working with you. So make a compcard and promote yourself. Modeling is what you make it, I bring a self-made approach because I do not think things happen for a girl who waits. Instead you have to do it yourself, make your marketing material, perfect and keep trying! :)

Mail, mail, mail, honestly massive submissions, updating your photos, trying again, and again, and again, that is what it takes.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Modeling Agency vs finding Modeling Work on your own

A girl recently told me she had a headshot but asked if she should mail an agency or try to find her own work. This was part of my reply:

After you have your headshots you should mail them to agencies, but send them to print modeling agencies or talent agencies. Send the headshots in the postal mail with a note stating your hobbies, you might also want to mention that you have personality and great energy, agencies want to hear that.

Sometimes it does help to have experience when presenting yourself to an agency, experience as in credits, tearsheets, examples that you "can model" and have.

Working with an agency isn't just about you mailing your photo and them liking you, it is about you submitting and working with the "right agency" for you. Since you are petite you do not want to mail high fashion agencies, you want to mail print modeling agencies or talent agencies. At Barnes and Noble in the magaizne section, under Tv and Film, there is a booklet called The Call Sheet, -(it used to be called The Ross Reports,) but pick up this booklet The Call Sheet, inside is a list of casting directors and agencies.

Also on my blog you can find posts that mention print modeling agencies.

It can help to have experience when approaching an agency but it is worth a try to mail some headshots out at this point.

However when it comes to finding your own work I would do it carefully and not on the internet. I would go to craft shows, or stop by local aspiring companies, a local mom and pop hair salon, a jewelry company or aspiring handbag company and ask if they need models.

Usually what is posted on the internet is either a scam or a waste of time because it is not professional. There are a few decent online casting services but they cost money, such as Nycastings and actors access. I suggest only using them if you have some experience. You want to focus on getting experience modeling something for now, a jewerly brand, a handbag company, and be involved with a product to show you can model. You want to show professional experience, professional as in it is a modeling job that an agency will respect and which will help you.

Remember modeling is very competitive and it is a very hands-on pursuit, like a might play with a team, (have an agency) but that doesn't mean you should think that is the end all, modeling is about what you make of it, and how much you try and the work you put in. Marketing yourself properly is key. It is ALOT of work and many girls give up.

Michael Antonio shoes now up on Podcast

I wanted to share a podcast interview I did this afternoon with the Brand Manager and the Senior Product Design and Development Associate at Michael Antonio shoes:

Learn where the name comes from, and how the brand will have thigh high boots soon and insight on their exposure on Make Me a Supermodel on Bravo, and a lot more!

You can also hear the segment on my blogs, website and social media pages.

Modeling Questions answered: Photography

A girl asked me recently: I've been persuing modeling 4 sometime, however I've gotten pretty good feed back, signed with a few companies but Im spending lots of money on pictures and their not finding me work! What should I say or do? One agencies that I signed with wants me to get new pictures with their photographer before they market me.

My reply:
The only way I would work with a photographer that the agency suggested is if AFTER I met the photographer and I really like their work. Their skills and photographic eye and personality. Shooting a good headshot, and shots that will help you involves being confident and being comfortable with who you are working with is very Important!-, so I would meet the photographer first, and discuss the shots you need. YOU should discuss what YOU need.

As a model it is not about being babied, YOU should know what types of photos you need, you should think about the modeling jobs you can realistically get and you should target your photos in that way.

Perhaps the agencies and the photographers you are working with have their own visions of what YOU need, but YOU need to think about what You need and not expect to be babied to get ahead, -it doesn't work like that for most models,-and it can involve a new perspective on the agencies you should be working with, and the type of photography you need. A headshot is number 1! A beauty shot, or close up is very much needed. Next is a smile shot, this can be full body in jeans, alone as another headshot, you could have jewelry on, carrying a handbag, putting on shoes, sitting or standing in a bathingsuit but there should be a smile. Most art directors and magazine editors do not need to see the pose so intense, many times I have booked jobs by just being myself.

Even though models are all ages and a person can model throughout their life, you do not want to get waste time or time when it comes to photography. Sometimes you do need to invest in yourself and work with a photographer and pay for a nice headshot and if you think the photographer is a professional, knows lighting and the craft of photography then yes work with them but you MUST communicate and talk about the shots, bring samples and have a plan before you shoot. This is not play time or dress up, photography is what will book you work so it is serious. How you market yourself, the photos you show, is what will help get you the job or not. Your photos are what a magazine editor, art director, or marketing professional will see and decide on if they want to work with you, so your photos need to be well done and actually you could even do some of the creating of photos yourself. Here is insight on that:

Even while I work with great agencies in NYC I do make all my own compcards, I make it, I print it, and then I give a selection of them, maybe 20 to the agencies to use. I understand if you do not know what type of photos you need then maybe you should work with the agency but then again NO WAY because with so many scams out there photography is number 1 for scams. To prevent scams the main thing is YOU knowing what you are after. Knowing what photos you need that WILL help you and communicating what YOU need to the photographer, not just getting bossed around under the lights.

Photography should just be basic, a headshot, full body, and showing personality. If you Google Commercial print modeling or look at print modeling agency websites you can see the type of photography and photos the models they work with have on their website, and use that as an example to create your own photos.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Modeling Agency Rejection Question answered

A girl recently asked me: I went 2 an open call today, I was told too come back in six months they did'nt have a spot for me at this time! Can you tell me what that really means? Also I've heard we just hired some girls in your category come back in six mths! Is that bs or what?

My reply:

I am not sure what agency you went to but it sounds like one that is more fashion based? It might not be complete bs, the agency might have a lot of girls they work with and are tying to use what they have now, see how it goes and then in 6 months takes submissions or look at girls again.

Modeling today is not just about getting signed, getting an agency to work with you, it is about work,and trying again and again..- it is about making ALOT of submissions and finding a few agencies to work with. It is unlikely for a shorter girl to find an exclusive modeling agency. Modeling is a business of No's. So when an agency looks at your photos the agency will think of the current bookings they have had and think of if you fit in the mix of the type of work they book.

I would try to submit to print and lifestyle commercial modeling agencies. Your pursuit shouldn't end (unless you want it to) just because you get a few No'Thanks! Modeling is competitive and the agency wants to be sure they can work with you, send you on castings, go-sees, book you work, time is money you know! It helps if a model has some experience actually and it helps if a model has a portfolio, some tearsheets, and always her own compcards. And mail and mail and mail your photos/compcard.......,and pick up a booklet called Call Sheet at Barnes and Noble in the magazine section, under film and tv, it is a booklet that has a list of casting directors and modeling agencies.


Michael Antonio Shoes today on podcast

High heels are a short girls best friend.

Today at 2pm EST.

Isobella speaks to Michael Antonio Shoes Brand Management Director Diana Liao on her podcast today about the latest shoe trends, innovations and the highest of heel height at Michael Antonio Footwear Group.
The shoes were recently featured on Bravo's Make Me a Supermodel.

Today click this link to the Live show:

You can listen to the archive as well if you miss the live show.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Modeling photos: for fun or for real?

Opposite to what you see in the media, for print modeling and commercial modeling taming it down and being less sexy, less artistic and revealing in photos is actually best. Many brands just want to see a nice looking friendly looking girl..not all the extra stuff.

MySpace is not a place to market yourself as a model! Remember this!

....commercial print photos should be more about pesonality, laughter, and fresh face beauty shots. Sure sometimes ads for haircare or cosmetics are more artistic, but typically a fresh face and a natural pose is what the agency wants to see. Because the clients, brands, magazine wants to see you as you -to know what they are dealing with...without the creative makeup actually.

The Internet is full of interesting creativing sexy photos but these are not what an agency wants to see actually. That is amateur...playful..but not going to lead a girl to real modeling.

Models Make your Marketing Material

An aspiring model can market herself better by having her own marketing material: compcards and a headshot. You don't need an agency to make a compcard and for many commercial print models it is the opposite: A compcard is how you get the agency interested in working with you.

Here is some insight into finding a printing place to print your compcard.

I would visit but also there are printing places in your city or near by city that can also help. I would research printing companies that print headshots, or model compcards but also look for printing companies that print postcards for local companies in your town, flyiers,etc. It is best to see some examples of compcards before you print one of your own.

You could google:
headshot + printing + your city
compcard printing + your city

Or visit: however when using a web printing service always see a printed physical proof in your hand through the postal mail before you approve it.

It is also good to study the photos that the models have on the modeling agencies website that you want to work with. Create similar photos.

Now you want your images in a jpeg format, and you want them 300 dpi- which is the proper print resolution size. You put your images on a CD and bring them to the printing company or upload the photos on a printing service such as

However you do not want to come off too sexy on your card or showing too much skin, unless it is a "parts" card you should not show your bare nude skin, and if you do for a parts card it should only be in a commercial form or a shot like an editorial in Cosmo or Allure or Shape magazine.

Michael Antonio: Platforms with Personality

I love shoes that have personality and Michael Antonio has some great colorful spring shoes perfect to wear into summer for night and day.

This is the Fresca Platform that you can get at

Modeling Photos for Compcard Tips

It is a good idea for a girl who wants to model to create her own compcard. The photos she picks should be well thought out. Creating a compcard can help you get an agency because you would mail the compcard to agencies. You want to show your best photos on your compcard and target yourself to agencies with photos that show a good headshot, and personality shots that show your energy and smile. Of course you can add swimwear, catalog or shots that involve jewelry or handbags or shoes, but try to make the shot look like an ad and have a product feel, remember modeling, real modeling is not just about You but it is about: Can you model a product- whether it is a handbag, haircare, swimwear, shoes, or a coffee pot!

If you are mailing a print modeling agency I do not suggest you put glamour photos on your compcard, that is not what a print model wants to see.

You want to show the agency that you CAN model and you want your compcard to help you get bookings, castings and work. Thinking "what does the agency want to see?" when you look at your photos is a good idea. To find the answer I would go to the modeling agencies website, or you can scroll this blog and find examples of commercial print modeling photos that an agency would like see. I would be selective and picky about the photos you show and do not show a photo that might turn someone off. Many girls are naive when they are new to trying to be a model and think that showing skin is how they get modeling jobs or an agency and actually it isn't. If you show yourself in the wrong ways it can actually turn off an agent. So I would study what commercial print modeling is before you put together your compcard.

Monday, April 6, 2009

Anti-modeling agency logo on comp cards

Is there an agency name on my compcard? The answer is No.

The reason a model should make her own marketing material, her compcard, headshot, etc is for the freedom to manage herself. It does take confidence and also a good marketing perspective to market yourself well as a model and find opportunities, however a girl should not feel that having the agency logo on her compcard means she is one step ahead of the game. Many times it is the opposite.

I think it is best for a girl to make a compcard for herself. Most agencies will give you sticks or you can also write the agency number on your cards at castings or go-sees. This is normal and I do it.

You should be prepared for the hands on work of making compcards, marketing yourself and then giving compcard to the agencies you freelance work. I do not want an agency logo on my card unless they are paying for the card. Many girls make mistakes pay thousands for photos and compcards and then are left with nothing because the agency takes all the cards. When it comes to making a compcard, put it this way...why bank on one agency if they have not even booked you a job yet? Why put all your marketig material in their hands without even knowing they can book you a job? Modeling is a very competitive and unstable pursuit and you do not want to put all your marketing material out of your hands...Instead I would ask an agency to use the card YOU create. I understand in other States beyond NY there are not as many modeling agencies or opportunties...but I would never let an agency put their logo all over my marketing material unless I feel that we work well together and that the agency has booked me modeling work.....

It is a bad idea to have no marketing materials of your own if you are a shorter model. Shorter models tend to freelance with commercial print modeling agencies. Don't be mislead..agencies that make the cards that you pay for and keep them and the models get none,- THAT IS wrong and scamful. Especially if you paid for them. I have very strong thoughts about making your own compcard...I live in NYC and work with top agencies, I am self-made and the agencies I work with use the card I give them. Sure they give me comments sometimes on things they need, but I like to be in-control of me.

The agency is not my end all, the agency is part of my pursuit but I do not personally expect the agency to get me everything I want in modeling so I do take it seriously to have my own marketing material.

Upcoming Podcast with Michael Antonio Shoes

Isobella speaks to Michael Antonio shoes Brand Management Director Diana Liao on her podcast this week, on Weds April 8th, about the latest shoe trends, innovations and the highest of heel height at Michael Antonio Footwear Group.

April 8th, 2pm EST- to listen click this link to the show:

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Michael Antonio shoes on Make Me a Supermodel

Can you believe these hot shoes are only $37.00? Yup!

Michael Antonio shoes were recently featured on the reality entertainment TV show Make Me a Supermodel on Bravo.

Photography Modeling Tips: before the shoot tips

How many photos will I get and in what format will I get them?
It is best in this digital age to get images on a CD. I still love film and I ask to see the contact sheet and then get the images on a CD or pick the ones I like to be scanned and made into a jpeg. As for the CD of images you want to be able to turn the images into large enough jpegs to print and turn them into your compcard so ask for the files to be 300 dpi or adjustable so you have the freedom to print as you need.

Models go through trouble when they work with a photographer who holds the rights to the photos tightly and then leaves the model unable to print images for her compcard, because the model has to go to the photographer and pay more money for prints, scans, or whatnot….so it is best to speak about this ALL ahead of time.

A professional will give you a CD of images. If you can not have a CD of ALL the images after the shoot or a couple weeks later, especially in this digital age there is a problem. Don’t work this person.

I suggest even getting the details of the shoot in writing if you are unsure about the photographer’s intentions. A professional will give you what is expected but it is good to sometimes have it in writing for an aspiring model who is new to the photography business.

Also you should discuss ahead of time how many shots will be taken. I suggest 50-100 shots. Many times an inexperienced models will not be comfortable in the first shots and you want to have enough of a selection to choose shots that work but you do not need a gazillion photos. I would say do three looks for your shoot. Jeans, a dress, and another casual outfit. Not to overly fashionable, you want to look nice but not overly trendy. If you notice print ads for beauty products, lifestyle products, handbags, etc, the outfits are simple. Makeup is natural,-don’t over do it!

Also I suggest keeping in mind to NOT over Photoshop or touch up the images, you want to be natural and look like yourself – that is what a commercial print agent wants to see.

Also when planning your shoot you want to plan how long the shoot will be and also what time of day. I think a shoot should be fun and not stressful; you will be less stress if you are prepared. I suggest bringing samples to the photographer of images you are going for, don’t just let the photographer shoot you without you as the model giving your input to what YOU need. The best results come when you are aware of what is expected and you don’t make mistakes wondering “Is this person going to give me the photos?”

It is better to stress what you need, take authority and do it with a smile but be clear about what you need, you don’t want to waste time or money with photography. And you want to be in control of your pursuits, creating the shots you need, making the compcard and mailing to an agency and wow’ing them.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Photo shoot tips:Studio shoots vs.Outside shoots

A girl recently asked me if she should do her photo shoot for her compcard outside or in a studio, this was part of my reply:

I personally love natural lighting. I like shoot outside more than in a studio.

In a studio I can feel cramped and when I shoot I like to have the freedom to run around. However I do like shooting in big spaces and honesty to really depends on the shots you are trying to produce. Sometimes sitting on a couch or chair in a studio can make a beautiful shot. Standing against a brick wall or in a interesting hallway or stairway can be fun for a close up, beauty shot, or full body shot.

I think studio can be good if the photographer is very skilled with lighting however. I feel more freedom to move around and be myself outside but if the shot is a headshot, beauty shot or portrait sometimes inside can be bette if the shot involves being still or holding a pose for a long time.

I'd rather shoot at a resturant, or the lobby of a building, or on a porch than in a studio for a commercial shot. I like to create a shot that shows me doing something, in a real place, because that appeals to the look you want to create a commercial print model.

I think outside is perfect right now and the time of year. With a slight natural wind blowing in your hair the shot can look happy, upbeat and positive when you add a smile to it.

I think it is pretty when a model is walking down the street holding a whandbag, walking a down, being confident and the outside atmosphere can make the photo look more attractive than just smiling in a studio against a black backdrop. However I have enclosed a few samples to show you the difference of looks between shots I have taken inside in a studio and shots that I have taken outside, both show personality but as you can see both shots are different.

I would try to do a little of both when shooting for your compcard. For diversity.

Sometimes inexperienced models feel nervous during shooting headshots and they have a hard time relaxing their face and sometimes being in a studio can make a person feel stiff or nervous so sometimes shooting something outside full body and then cropping the shot into a headshot can work well too. So remember when shooting you can later crop the images and you never know a full body shot might turn into a headshot when you crop it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Nail care beauty tips for models

When going to the salon bring your own nail polish and I would also bring your own nail file. I would ask for your nailed to be finished with a clear coat of polish. The clear coat will protect the nail from chipping and your manicure will last longer and they will also shine! You can touch up your own nails when needed since you own the color of polish and you can also touch with with a coat of clear when needed.

Example: I did a shoot for Women's World last week, I did not get a clear coat and my nails were done 3 days later. I got a manicure this past Monday and I am going on day 4 and they still look new because I had that clear coat put on for the finish.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Find a modeling agency anywhere tips

Here are tips on how to find a modeling agency anywhere. Today a girl asked me about finding agencies in Texas and also another girl asked me about finding agencies in LA.

Here are my thoughts:

Use Google as your best research tool. Just by Googling you can find anything really.
And especially for modeling agencies. What if your perspective is that there is only high fashion agencies?...then

You can Google Texas + Talent Agencies

LA + Talent Agencies

Or try just the word Agency

La + Modeling Agency or Agencies

Also put your city + print modeling agencies

Or Agency

Sometimes the words "Modeling agency" without the "print" will only bring up Fashion agencies, so be sure to put the word "print" in there.

Other tricks are Googling the words especially if you are in a smaller city and you have photos and a compcard you could self market and try mailing some other ways to perhaps get some of your own work-this is only for those who are confident and able to self promote with the right material marketing and photos: production companies, marketing companies, local magazines, local newspapers, and brands that need models.
You can find your own modeling work working with brands by knowing what brands are based in your area and contacting their marketig department but I suggest only doing this with the right photos.

This unconventional way of marketing yourself involves research skills and is not for the naive- you have to be able to present yourself in a professional manner. You can also go to craft and fashion events locally and network with local jewelry and handbag designers who might need models. Local mom and pop hair salons as well might need models.

Model Citizen: Liya Kebede's LemLem Collection

This morning I read in WWD an article about Model Liya Kebede and her clothing collection, WWD reports,

"the Ethiopian native acts as Goodwill Ambassador for the World Health Organization and heads an eponymous foundation to benefit her home country, all while tending to a nascent acting career and a fledgling children’s line, LemLem."

You can read the full article here.

I think reading the news, and publications such as WWD can help a model know more about the business side of the fashion business and also Ad Age is a good one to read too about the advertising business because modeling is being apart of the marketing and advertising world.

Photography tips for petite's

Yup, I'm under 5'4" but I can look a lot taller in photos.

Looking in the mirror can help you learn how to pose your body to look longer.

Looking proportioned is the plan and the key to looking longer in photos.

Looking up at the camera will make you appear smaller so for a a portrait or headshot I tilt my head slighting up. Chin up but relaxed. Your eyes should always look relaxed in a headshot, confident. Imagine yourself saying “I’m a confident person,” and say it with your eyes.

Don’t be afraid to direct the photographer just a little bit too. Know your body and know how to position yourself. And if the shots are making you look heavy then angle your body, straight on can sometimes make a girl look larger than she is. Remember to separate your arms, armpit area a little to look thinner in the photo and not chubby. Seperating your arms from your body and creating space between your body and your arms can create length. (see images above)

A professional photographer will know how to shoot a shorter person to make them look more proportioned. Only work with a professional who knows the craft of photography.

Suggest the photographer shoot you from a lower perspective. You stand up but the photographer crouches down or sits in a chair, or even lies down. Make em work!