Monday, March 9, 2009

Why Tearsheets Matter for Models

Girls of all heights come to me and ask about why they can't get an agency. My reply comes in a few ways and covers a few things. Maybe you are not sending your photos to the right agencies, or maybe you are not showing the agency you can model with products involved.

Now you might not get with Elite or Ford and even taller models might have trouble, but if you can work with smaller agencies and get some experience it is a good idea. If you are waiting out for the contract from a big top agency you might miss out on a lot. The goal should be to get work as a model not just be a certain agency as the end all. Sometimes to get with a better agency, book better work you have to start somewhere, and somewhere can be with a smaller boutique agency to gain some editorial and print work experience. You can then take that experience to a larger agency once you have built your portfolio.

How long does this take? It can depend, it could take 6-year, or years.

Until you have some strong tearsheets, meaning YOU are in it, your full self, not just you in the background or barely there you. Whether it is your hand or full self it needs to look like a nice quality tearsheet from a known magazine or brand.

However smaller magazines, local magazines, smaller company catalog modeling could also give you some good opportunity and experience and tearsheets would can lead to working with better and bettr agencies.

Don't think modeling is just about being HOT, or pretty, or perfect, there are plenty of beautiful girls out there. It all depends on what you seek, strive to do and what you want. Modeling is a tough pursuit. It is not just about having a great body and perfect teeth or being the most beautiful, it is about really working hard and working smart.

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