Friday, March 27, 2009

Why do you want to model?

Why you do you want to model?

This is important for girls who want to be models to think about.

Think about why you want to model: Is it just to call yourself one? Is the picture of a picture perfect life on your mind?

I hope not!

That is not why a girl should model and that is not what modeling is about.

When you think about why you want to model is it because you are a good model, you have something to offer the industry, is it because you understand the opportunities that you can attain and that you have a belief that you are capable?

When you know what you can indeed model- even as a shorter model- you can better market yourself and find opportunities. The reason you want to model should be because you know you can, not because someone told you that you should, or you want to feel beautiful, because modeling is work. Modeling is actually more about the product, the concept, the editorial, ...than you. You are hired to make the project come together, but being a model is not glamour and non-stop attention or fun, it involves a lot of work.

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