Friday, March 27, 2009

Voiceover Class- do you have a nice voice?

Voiceover 101 (1 day):
Thursday, April 2nd from 6:30-9:30pm - $52
* taught by Diana Lote of CESD


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Voiceovers are more than just having a great voice and getting behind
the mic. Come and see if you have exactly what it takes to make it
into the most competitive branch of entertainment with our guest
instructor, Diana Lote.

After auditioning New York and Los Angeles' top talent, she will bring
her casting experience to our students to help break down some of the
myths, explain some of the tricks, and describe to us what working for
New York's busiest Voiceover Agency is really all about!
Have the ear that's tuned into the market, tune into YOU! And maybe
shed some light on the best gig in acting!

A 3hr intensive:
- Intro and Overview of the market
- Explanation of the voiceover process and business in general,
- Discussion & teaching of a few key concepts to be executed with copy
- Copy with feedback, adjustments & guidence
- Wrap up Q&A

All with the V.O. Director from NYC's busiest Voiceover Agency - CESD

New York born and bred, Diana's years vested in the entertainment
industry span from production and advertising, to agent's assistant
and now, Voiceover Director for CESD. CESD represents the nation's
finest voice professionals in the industry. Whether it be for
trailers, TV, radio, audio book, promo, industrial, or narration, CESD
continues to be the industry leader, at the forefront of the market,
and across all new media venues. Diana has cast the voices for
McDonald's, VH1, Budweiser, Wal-Mart, Verizon, Degree, Prudential, Key
Bank, and Sirius Satellite to name a few. A member of NATR and fluent
in Spanish and Portuguese, Diana also guest speaks at NYU's Acting
graduate program and continues to search for tomorrow's new talent.

Location:The Producers Club Theaters (358 W. 44th St)

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