Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The unrealistic glamorous Model life

Modeling is not glamourous. It is not makeup or playtime or dressup. Modeling is work, it is a business of image, not always of perfection ( think of girls in ads for fast food, home goods, insurance, pain killers,) not all models are wearing bronzer. There is a misconception of modeling being glamourous in the media and on TV shows which do no touch upon what it is really like working with a modeling agency, what castings are really like, how to really prepare for a casting or go-see or job, also there is not enough talk about the real hands-on work it takes to model.

Sure a few models are known as high fashion models, but more models are working within print and commercials. A model is so many things these days and she is not just a tall lanky giraffe. On the other hand-she is not just a half naked chick on the internet. There is middle ground here, maybe even better ground, for a girl who wants to model. If you are 5'4" or under you are considered petite. If you are 5'5" or 5'6" you are still shorter than what most high fashion agencies want. So you are stuck unless you know how to market yourself in the print world and to the right agencies.

To work as a model you might find that it is more work than you expected. More marketing. For print modeling a girl needs to work with commercial print agencies and it might come a shock to how much work you have to do. Not just learning how to do your makeup and walk sort of work, it is really work, research the right agencies, prepare and mail photos...yup lickin envelopes and mailing your photos and when you get representation hiking Uptown, Downtown to castings and go sees when the odds to get picked for a job are not high. It takes time to build a portfolio, get quality work, and it is not an over night success. You might not become famous, jetset, or live a glamourous life, you may never be in fashion magazines either.

Even when you have an agency you will still need to work hard, update your photos, make a new compcard perhaps, and you will book basically maybe one out of twenty castings you go on at the start, if that. An understanding that the road a model walks down is not always a runway or an easy one is the mindset a girl who wants to model should have.

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