Tuesday, March 10, 2009

There is no petite modeling industry. I agree

Sometimes I read posts in modeling forms and read some threads, I recently saw a reply to a thread about petite modeling it said, " There is no petite modeling industry." Well, even as a shorter than average model I do agree.

There is not typically an "industry" of petite models thriving and working, however there are petite models. I think it comes down to a title issue: Petite models need to NOT call themselves petite models, but instead print models. They will go further if they think this way, and in terms of getting a modeling agency to work with you it will be the same. Don't push that you are so petite, over and over, and over, making it like a negative thing. Push that you are a great print model, with great skin, energy and flaunt what you do have to print modeling agencies.

Talent agencies are also more likely to look at a shorter model than say a high fashion agency ever would.

So as an industry, petite modeling is not typically where to look. As an industry it would be the print modeling industry.

Most brands, agencies, magazine editors are not asking or looking for shorter than average models, but they are looking for personaliy, good skin, photogenic appeal, vibrant eyes, and someone who can fit the image of their clients needs. All ethnicities and shapes are modeling. Maybe not high fashion modeling but modeling.

It is all perspective and how you chase, and seek and pursue. So pursue as a print model and you will go further than strutting, bitchin' and complaining "I am too short to model!" Use what you DO have to get ahead.

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