Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Searching for a photographer tips- hand modeling

A girl recently asked told me her interest in "hand modeling" and she asked do I search for photographers? And how to go about it?

This was my reply:

You could. Start at local photography schools, or look for a professional photo studio. Or have a friend or photography student take photos of your hands, like the ones I have enclosed in the email I would observe ads that involve hands, skincare to cooking sponges all types of ads. Perhaps a headshot photographer would be best, try to only work with a professional PLEASE don't fall for so-called photographers, someone who knows lighting and the craft of photography not just some guy with a camera is best for best results. When you speak to the photographer/make or female say that you need some :parts shots: of hands,etc. The best thing is to study magazine ads involving parts models and to bring them to the shoot/meeting. Be prepared, don't expect someone to know what you need.

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