Monday, March 30, 2009

Photoshoot modeling tools-don't forget these

Here are some items to not forget to bring to a modeling job. It is a good thing to get a few things before a modeling job, to make the experience more smooth and enjoyable for you.

hair ties or a hair clip- I usually buy these at drugstores for pretty cheap.
Usually at shoots, even for shoe modeling you are asked to clip up your hair, being prepared shows your on top of things.

robe- a robe is a good thing for a model to have for jobs that involve many changes, it is a good idea to bring your own but sometimes at shoots there is one provided. Go to Daffy's, Target or Walmart for a good priced one. Here is a nice grey robe for only $13.99 at Target.

sandels- a slip on pair of sandels are good to bring to shoots, for comfort and also waiting before you go on set or while you get your makeup done you can wear your sandals and keep your feet looking nice. I like these gold ones from Payless.

Sweatpants or cotton shorts-For a modeling job involving your legs you will want to prevent lines that socks and jeans can cause when sitting, so slip on sweatpants or a pair of soft shorts or your robe while your hair, makeup or the prep is being done.

Your own lotion and foundation-bringing your own lotion should be the norm in your life when it comes to shoots and castings. Bringing your own foundation is always a good thing to bring for touch ups.

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