Sunday, March 29, 2009

pay to be on Modeling Agency website?

With the internet changing the way Ad agencies and modeling agencies cast their models many agencies want their models photos on the agency website. But paying for this is a no no. You should not have to pay to be on the agency website. I work with top agencies in NYC and I do not pay to be on their website. I give the agency my compcard, they scan it and put it up, or I email them jpegs which they use. Should you pay to be on an agency website?

My answer is no.

You should not pay to be on a modeling agency website. As a short model you will be very hands on with creating your marketing material, printing compcards, and mailing and giving them to print modeling agencies to use to market you to their clients and to use for your castings... this cost can be $50-$100 and compcards go fast. You also have to get a portfolio which can range from $50-$150 and you have to print portfolio prints. You also need to take care of your skin, your hair, and basic appearance, you are already doing a lot of behin the scenes stuff and if you are giving the agency compcards you should not have to PAY for your photos to be on the website.

You can still work with the agency without paying to put your photos on their website. So ask "Can I still work with you without my photo being on your website?"

They might say "well our clients look at our models on the websites so your chances will be limited," but still do not waste money, usually $50-100 just to have your photos on a website. It sounds fishy to me and I would not do it.

When I get new photos or a tearsheet in a magazine or am seen in an ad campaign, I tell my agency "hey I am in this ad," and I make a jpeg of it, or scan the image and I give it to the agency to use for the online portfolio they created on their website of me. But I do not pay for this. I just make the jpeg and email it to the agent. The agent uploaded it to the website, but I do not pay for this.

Usually if you have to pay to be on a modeling agency website it is a scam.

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Motherhood.of.Hipness said...

thank you for such great advice (all your blogs) - love it!! glad to see someone using their success to help others - keep going girlie (: