Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A new law for child models in New South Wales

Does your child want to model?

I was recently contacted through Youtube from a parent with questions about her daughter and modeling. I answered her as best I could and try to reply to as many emails and questions as possible. Today I read this article that is about "how fashion models under the age of 16 in New South Wales must first gain permission from the New South Wales Children's Guardian or face hefty fines under legislation introduced to Parliament this week."

This is stating how the agencies/aka employers- "Employers will also have to adhere to the Code of Practice covering issues such as work times, supervision, travel and the balance between work and school."

The article continues with: "Current laws apply the protections to models under 15, but raising the age limit was in line with community standards, Community Services Minister Linda Burney said.

"I think community standards require it," she said.

"I am concerned about young people who may be drawn into the fashion industry at an age when they may be more mature physically than they are emotionally."

The fines for employers who don't comply with the legislation have been lifted from $1100 to $11,000."

This article made me think of print models, teen models, and the internet. I do not think there is enough protection of teen girls on the web on websites such as Myspace, face and the hundreds,thousands of model sites that flood the web where a girl can sign up for free and post photos encounter with perverse men and get trapped, or worse doing or meeting a person without good intentions to their well being. The word model, photographer and agent has become a word that anyone can have on the web, and it can lead to scams. Knowing the difference between 'a real professional' and a scam or jerk is not a judgement most teens can make.

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