Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Most Models are not young- the young model misconception

Did you know that most models are not young?

You might think models are only young and that modeling starts when you are 16-18 and that modeling is just fashion, you are wrong.

Most models are actually older than you might think. Watch commercials, look at print ads in magazines.

Alot of it comes down to products that are out there and marketing. Despite the recession: Who is shopping. Who buys things? Who is more likely to purchase a handbag, a couch, a car, a hair product, a skincare product?

An Adult.

There are so many more products for adults. Therefore adult models are going to be working more to model these products in commercials and print ads. These adults are not fashion height and they are not flawless.

Therefore if you are older than 18, if you are not tall enough to be a fashion model, you should find/research print modeling agencies, talent agencies, casting directors and submit your photos to them. Don't waste time trying to conform to something you are not. If you are not tall if you are are not young there are still modeling opportunities out there, but you have to be able to see modeling as more than fashion.

Modeling is about modeling a product and if you watch commercials these days and notice print ads, most of the time they are targeted not to teenagers, but to adults.

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