Thursday, March 5, 2009

Modeling,Photography,Headshots,Styling oh my!

A girl recently wrote me on Myspace some questions and I think you might like the answers I provide!

Her questions:

If I'm a newcomer how many headshots should I take and what type of photos? I would print up 30-50 to start. Mail these out to agencies and casting directors and talent agencies.

Are they commercial print photos or any other specific headshots? For example: Fullbody, entire head and shoulders, and one displaying a personality shot? A headshot and the photo that goes on the front of the compcard should bring out the best in you, it is the first thing people will see so focus on the shot showing your skin looking nice, your hair looking natural but nice, and it can vary from being waist up, to shoulders up. So it really depends on what you want to do. It isn't about copying everyone else, it is about doing what you want to do when it comes to the photos you use. Now I understand as a girl aspiring you might be clueless at times, but think about the jobs you want to get and ask yourself" does this photo say that?" print a photo that is targeted towards the jobs you want to do is best. And you might need different headshots and compcards for different roles, modeling jobs, you might want to do. For example: I have a commercial print modeling compcard that shows more of my personality, and then I have a parts card that shows strickly my "parts". I am 26 but look young, so I have shots that show me more mature in a dress, and then shots that make me look more casual, younger like 20.

Black and White, in color? Either. I think on your compcard you should have one black and white photo. But for a headshot color is actually the trend right now, but you can do either. Either is accepted. *when printing make sure you approve the print job by seeing the images in your hand physically, because what you see on the computer screen isn't always the same printing colors,etc.

Do I need a makeup artist and hair stylist, etc?.-It depends on your skill level and if you can produce a face that is natural looking but fresh at the same time. I think a natural shot is best, some lipstick or gloss, dress up the eyes, but just enough not full blown. It is best to look at ads that relate to the jobs you want to get and commercials and take note! I like Aveeno ads. The girls on the cover of haircolor boxes have nice looks. *ALWAYS make sure the hair is out of your face and especially the eyes! Your eyes are what the photo should go to so make sure you keep your face clear of hair!

Also for more photo and compcard and headshot ideas I would see my videos at youtube:

What sort of outfits should I wear? Jeans, a solid color top, a dress, I would observe some headshots you might see at a website called or you can't go wrong just wearing something you are comfortable in. Be you! I sort of like the waist up shots, but I also think a nice over the shoulder shot with hair out of the face is nice.

When you go to auditions, you will want to bring a photo that fits the audition. If it is for a skincare ad, you will bring closeups and a headshot that shows your skin. If it is for fitness, a shot of your in a bathingsuit is fine, or fitness, but not sexy, more like Shape magazine. Observe photos-the ads you see in Marie Claire, Latina, Glamour, etc and learn!

Hope this helps!


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