Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Modeling tips: printing photos into a compcard

I received some photography, production and compcard and photo shoot questions recently which will be in the following posts. I hope you find the reply helpful.

Do I need a scanner to scan any pictures and print it on a special piece of paper?
No not really. You don't need a scanner. You should have your images on a CD. Make your photos into jpegs. You might be able to crop a photo and make it a hand modeling shot.

But you do need to find a printing studio or printing service to make a compcard:

To find a printer to make a compcard, which is more professional than mailing snap shots to agencies, would google: headshot printing + your city.

There are certain printing companies/services that only print compcards and headshots, usually if a printing place prints a headshot they also print modeling compcards. Or ask.

You could also go to www.compcard.com (that's in the US.) Usually a compcard is 5 1/2inches by 8 1/2 inches. Or about this.

Or Print up single shots. Maybe 4x 6" or 5x 7" at a local photo lab, would be good. And mail these shots to agencies.

You can also make a compcard of your photos at www.compcard.com for pretty cheap. Always see the compcard proof in your hand, ask to have it mailed, before you approve.

If you can't find a printing place don't worry,basically wherever a postcard can be printed you can give them the measurements and photos you have on a CD and make the compcard yourself on postcard stock paper, a compcard is about a postcard weight.

Usually it is best to have your images on a CD, as a jpeg, 300 dpi. (which is standard print resolution for clear printed photos.)

***It is also a good idea to look at compcard samples, and have a plan before you print a compcard clueless.

***Always see a printed proof in your hand first before approving it. Don't rely on the colors you see on the computer screen. Colors can be different when printed so see it in print!

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