Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Modeling Process not race

Modeling is competitive, but it is a process not a race.

Many girls think modeling involves 2 things:
1. Being perfect and tall and lean and long.
2. Being discovered.

Both are not true.

Working as a model,- notice how I didn't say becoming a model,- because you are not a model until you have worked as one, so working as a model is a process, it is not an overnight thing.

Many girls forget this. Is it ok to take a handle of your pursuits and make a compcard, and headshot and seek out your own modeling work? Yes. It is ok to seek out your own work, but do be careful when take a lead role in a music video, or pose for a beauty makeup book, but it is ok to try to get some experience. Once you do have some be bold and submit your photos to photo editors at magazines and really pursue in hands-on ways, mail agencies, mail casting directors. Modeling happens when you REALLY try.

However it is best NOT to rely on the web to flaunt your profile or photos.

Remember to think this process is an easy one. It isn't. The word modeling might be a one that many girls want to have and a word that the internet allows anyone to call themselves but remember until you model for something- a brand, a product, for a magazine editorial. You are not a model. You are still on this process.

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