Thursday, March 12, 2009

The modeling portfolio is not dead

Today I had a last minute casting and I had to drop off my portfolio at a studio at 601 26th st. This reminded me of the importance of the portfolio and how the modeling portfolio is not dead. The web might seem like the easy way to flaunt yourself, but it is not the professional way.

Market yourself well with a headshot and compcard and be professional. Yes you need a modeling portfolio. Without these tools you will not work as a model. Common sense.

What would you do if your agency said, "drop your book off here." or "Go to a casting there." You will need a portfolio. You can go to B&H to get one. B&H calls them presentation cases on the website.

Prints for your portfolio are typically 9 x 11 inches so a portfolio should fit that size print.

I personally like this Pina-Zangaro style portfolio.

To be professional you need to have a professional portfolio, so dropping $50-$100 on a portfolio might seem like a lot at the start, but it should last you can you can get the type that you can refill the clear sleeve and keep it for years.

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