Monday, March 30, 2009

Modeling in a web ad vs. a print ad

With web marketing booming you might be wondering "how does this affect models?"

It does.

Shooting an ad campaign for a product can mean not only print exposure within-in-store displays and magazines ads but also web ads.

Do models get paid more? Not always. Usually there is a set rate for modeling jobs and that rate covers all areas of advertising from print to web.

What's more credible for a model: web ads or print ads? I think they are both credible, the main thing is the brand you are working with, is the brand known? Is the job well paid, is the job with a professional brand? Are you modeling for a product that will help your pursuits or leave you stuck marketing yourself in the wrong way? I feel more acomplished when I see myself in print but web ads are also credible if you are modeling for a known brand. Web Ads can still pay well when it comes to modeling jobs and compensation. Just get the image, even if it is on the web printed or turned into a jpeg, and add it to your portfolio and compcard so you get credit and can hopefully book more work from it.

How do I get a copy of my work? If you are shooting for a brand, then at the shoot I would confirm that the shoot is for a certain time of year or purpose by asking the art director or photographer "So this is the Spring line?" or "This the latest mascara you will be promoting this year?" Then I would Google the brands name, go to their website, check it often. I would also Google the brands name + the word ad campaign. You might discover the latest images for the latest campaign in your searches.

You as the model need to be able to capture a copy of your work and if the work is on the web then you could Freeze the screen and then to go to Photoshop and then click File and New, and then paste into a new file. The image you froze on the screen should appear. Next just crop the image and make it into 300 dpi to print. You should also make the image into a jpeg. You can see above some cropping I did with a current shoe modeling job I did.

You could also look at magazines that relate to the product you modeled, if it is skincare, look in women's magazines such as Marie Claire, you might see the ad.

If it is a magazine job then at the shoot confirm the issue month and look for it. Magazines shoot 3-4 months advance sometimes so be prepared for a wait. But usually 3weeks before the actual month of the issue the magazine should be on news stands.
Rip your tearsheet out of the magazine and scam it and adjust the image size in Photoshop.

When it comes to collecting your work: The main thing is to be on top of it and to take it upon yourself to collect your work.

Currently you can see me shoe modeling for Easy Spirit, the ads are currently on the web and in-store.

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