Tuesday, March 10, 2009

modeling for shorter models

If modeling is only half naked and glamour to you then maybe you need to open your eyes?

Modeling to me is being able to model any part of me. My eyes, face, body, back, leg, hands, feet, stomach, shoulders, and among that my personality.

I look like many ethnicities and I put that to use, I do not limit myself by just focusing on one area of modeling or having unrealistic goals.

Shorter models can model many products, and for many different types of magazines but you have to be realistic, you have to see it all the ways you CAN model, not just the world of fashion.

If models are only tall and on runways, then you need to see that it is a lot more.

If you understand marketing and advertising you can see how models are needed in so many different ways.

Modeling is not just height and weight to me. It is being able to sell a product, being what the client is looking for, and using all I do have to be a model.

Not just modeling, but any pursuit you might have stems from the effort you put in.

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