Thursday, March 26, 2009

Modeling and Advertising on Model Talk Radio

The latest segment on my radio show podcast is based on how Most Models are not Young.

You can tune in here:

Recently a girl emailed me saying she was kind of older and wanted to get into modeling.

If you watch commercials and look at print ads in magazines such as Redbook, Allure, Self, many of the ads and some of the editorials even so women who are not looking so young.

You are not a model until you model something, or for something, for a brand or product or service.

Commercial print modeling sector is the largest area of the modeling business.

The modeling business is really the advertising business and with more brands and products targeted towards women 25-35-45 and older there is more of a need for models of these age groups.

Marketing yourself is such a huge part of being a model these days. Modeling is more than fashion. This seems to be something I stress a lot. Your modeling opportunities have a lot to do with your own will and effort. Your own research and how you market yourself. Creating the right photos and being ambitious.

Also being available is a major thing since castings and go-sees are random, last minute often.

Some agencies in New York City that work with models of all ages are:
Cunningham Escott print division

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