Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Model-sites should be illegal-here's why

Girls who are petite tend to be the ones who create profiles on model-sites. Girls who think they can not work with an agency because they are too short, and girls who are just "having fun, living a fantasy" with the word model. Yet many times these girls have encounters with "guys with cameras" who lure them into photo shoots and pay them rates. Or the models themselves are promoting themselves openly with a rate to amateur photographers and shooting not-so Model friendly stuff. The photos become more like porn as the girls act as the tease and try to "please" the guy holds the camera. I call this "Photo Prostitution" and it happens on model-sites from girls who at one point thought of being a model, but instead ended up half naked or in a really sexual position on some random guy's couch. These girls should ask themselves "what are you modeling?" Until you have modeled a product you are not really modeling.

Recently someone asked me: "Fact or fiction? Do models get in to really risque stuff?"

This was intense my reply:
It is a fact.It is easy to get into the wrong risqué stuff because of the internet these days. Showing your body for an ad campaign for magazine editorial for Shape or Marie Claire is one thing, doing it in the basement some random guy you met on the internet who calls himself a photographer is different.

Sure, when a girl is working with a modeling agency she is less likely to be in risque situations but it is the model obsession that has taken over girls in America that leads to many girls who want to be models using the internet to put their photos out there, and many of them getting into risque sitations from this...yet, even when workin with an agency you still have sometimes some awkward or not so professional things happen, but typically most of the time it is less if an agency is sending you to see a photographer than you meeting some guy that calls himself one on the internet that you met on some some social site.

To be honest with the internet there are more scams out there and I did make my share of mistakes. Actually my mistakes and the not so glamorous moments are what inspired me to write my books, write blogs and start my radio show and give advice on modeling, because there is ALOT of scams and jerks and perverts out there. Today more than ever since everyone is so open with showing photos of themselves. One minute you are just a cute girl putting your photo on Myspace, then next someone says you sexy and then you want to show sexier photos and soon you are meeting these people for photo-shoots and you are getting into trouble calling yourself a model. It is fact. Most of the time these encounters happen on model-sites. Websites that let anyone create a model profile, post photos call themselves a model and interact with amateurs.

The internet has allowed anyone to call themselves a model and anyone to call themselves a photographer,agent, agency and it is hard sometimes to know the difference if you are not experienced or know what real modeling is and amatuer modeling. Because photography has become a commercial thing anyone can buy a camera, upload some random photos on the internet and call themselves a photographer and the same with girls -they can upload photos and call themselves models and mingle with the wrong people via the internet. I can talk about my own internet modeling mistakes because I am over them, but it so it is very easy for girl who wants to be a model to get into risqué situations if she doesn't know the difference between professional and amateur. We live in a "show off make me a celebrity I want to be famous world" and many girls every single day are losing their dignity on the internet from being desperate to call themselves models. It is a fact. Personally I think model-sites should be illegal. Freedom of expression maybe, but I call it "the amateur internet underground modeling world" and it has similar aspects to prostitution. So many girls want to be models and so many of them do get scammed or put themselves in risque situations.

It is best to make a compcard, mail it to real modeling agencies, and to keep trying, if you really want to model, if you really want to model you should do it in a professional way to get professional work as a model. If you are short, print modeling agencies are best. Work on you photos, target them in commercial print ways and mail, mail, mail. That is how you do it.

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