Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Miami Modeling Agencies and Talent Agencies

A girl on Facebook recently asked me: I'm 5'2 and have always been interested in the world of modeling. My question to you is do you recommend any specific agents in Miami?

My Reply:
Many of your answers can be found right on Google. Instead of just looking for the modeling agencies on Ocean Drive -modeling row, look for talent agencies, which are more likely to accept shorter models.

I would google: Miami + Talent agency

Below are the resuts I found. However I did live in Miami for about 6 months and I did meet with an agency called Latin's, and Stellar model and talent, and The Green Agency are both good. Also check out this agency:

www.lasolasmodels.com/ based on fort lauderdale

No matte WHAT it is always best to mail the agency your compcard and headshot and by doing so you will look professional. many girls get ripped off by scam agency by not knowing they can easily just make their own compcard and for a shorter girl this is key and important. Shorter models will have a different modeling agency experience, that involves YOU, making your own marketing materials, giving them to the agency and the agency using them. Also a shorter girl does not need to be signed, she can freelance with many modeling and talent agencies as well.

A. Image Models & Talent Agency - www.imagemodels-talent.com - (305) 375-0448 -

B. Slate - Miami Talent Agency & Miami Modeling Agency - www.slatemodels.com - (407) 841-7600 -

C. William Morris Agency - www.wma.com - (305) 938-2000 -

D. Latin's Talent Agency - www.latinstalent.com - (305) 567-9567 -

E. Blink Management, Inc - www.blinkmanagement.com - (305) 532-7511 -

F. Valcar Talent & Modeling Agency - www.valcartalent.com - (305) 649-1429 -

G. Tysum Talent Agency, Inc. - www.tysumagency.com - (305) 655-2205 -

H. Front Management - www.frontmanagement.com - (305) 673-2225 -

I. Stellar Model & Talent Agency - stellartalentagency.com - (954) 241-7376 -
J. TRITON MODEL / ARTIST MANAGEMENT - www.tritonmodels.com - (305) 674-8022 -

So submit, submit, submit and goog luck.


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