Tuesday, March 24, 2009

hand/feet/leg modeling questions answered

A girl recently asked me: At shoots how many people are there?

My reply:

Usually when you book a job there is the photographer, the assistant, a stylist for clothing or the setting, a makeup artist.-sometimes yes, sometimes no. The makeup arisit depends on the budget.

For parts modeling there might not be a makeup artist, like for a hand modeling job I did recently for Bon Appetit Magazine there wasn't one to touch up the models' hands. For a product shot such as of jewerly for example, there might be a makeup artist for a very close up shot of the hand. Or when there is more of a budget for the ad campaign or catalog or whatever it is.

Hand models and shoe models, and leg models, and parts models should always be taking care of their skin anyways. With or without a makeup artist.

I always bring my own lotion always anyways to jobs, but when it comes to preparing for a shoe modeling or hand modeling job I had to make sure my "parts" looked good, get my manicure, etc. There is not expected to be someone on set to do your nails. You have to do them as the model your self. Go to the salon before hand. Or the day before the job.

Usually models get their own manicures, pedicures for parts modeling, and then you are reinburst for the cost by saving your receipt.

Do they expect you to use your imagination when advertising their product, or give you a set of instructions?
Yes and model should be able to get into the atmosphere of the shoot and understand it in a creative way as well. For the Easy Spirit job I did this past winter the photographer and art director were stumpt on the next pose, and I came up with it. Sometimes at a shoot the attitude is carefree and a photographer, art director will hear out your opinions. Other times there is a certain goal/shot they are going for and that's it. You do your best. I think it is always important for a model to not just be pretty -or have a nice hand :) but to have a creative personaity. A perceptive personality to be able to understand the camera's perspective and their own body to understand how to pose and how to put personality and unique'ness into the shot, even if it is just of a hand or shoe.

How long are you expected to pose for?
With digital these days you typically don't pose for more than a few seconds, take a break, pose again. Sometimes shoot can go for 2-6 hours or a full day. Depends. Usually people are understanding and if you are in an uncomfortable pose you just suck it up. Pain is beauty sometimes! :) Honestly modeling to me is creative, whether it is my whole self or my hand. I can model whatever and having nice skin has really helped me. Knowing my body, where my scars are, how to hide them, what my body looks like. I look in the mirror alot. I eve hold my hand in front of the mirror to see the photographers/cameras perspective of what my hand looks like before a job. I try to know my body well, and know how to quickly make a glass, knife, jewelry whatever it might be look pretty.

Do you often need to bring your own clothes/accessories/shoes, or do they usually give you what they want you to wear?
Both. Sometimes you are told what to wear, what color of shirt to bring,etc, but also sometimes their is a stylist. For ad campaigns and bigger jobs yes usually there is a stylist, but sometimes there is not so always be prepared, usually your agency booker will tell you what to bring,etc.

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