Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Don't let the phtoographer do all the work

Recently a girl wrote me on Myspace and stressed how nervous she was because she had a compcard shoot coming up and had no clue what to do or expect.

This was my reply:

You might want to consider delaying the shoot or re-scheduling it until you have spoken to the photographer more in detail about what the shoot will involve. Don't waste time or money.

When it comes to the photos you will need it is best to do some homework looking in lifestyle magazines.

It is best to look at headshots too, look at print ads for lifestyle products, and to go to the shoot with samples of photos you want to create...not just the photographer lead the way. If you want to be a model you have to want to be apart of it. You have to be very much apart of it and be very hands-on with your pursuits. Know what you need. Look at print agency websites and notice what photos the models have.

I have written many posts on what a model needs for her compcard on my blogs and on my youtube videos and I would scroll over my blog before your shoot......the main things are:

a nice friendly smile shot, and shots that show your personality and show you in action, like a print ad for a a product. So imagine the products you would want to model.

Again it is best to look at ads to get inspired. Not fashion ads but ads for lifestyle products.

You might want to have some shots of you running in fitness clothing, or walking down the street walking a dog smiling, the idea is to be yourself, not fake. It is best to look at ads and share examples with the photographer. Don't just show up and expect to be told what you to do...this your pursuit, so make sure you do your homework and be prepared...and have a plan, know what you need and get inspired before you plan a shoot.

Otherwise you will go clueless to a shoot and basically waste time and money.

Try to imagine what you CAN model. DO not produce shots that are tooo fashiony -a print agency doesn't want to see that. They want to see personality, your real self. You being you. So don't over do the makeup and stick to basic colors. Nothing too busy on your tee-shirt no logos, just simple!


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